How to recruit Brand Ambassadors to increase your Online Presence?

Marketing has come a very long way from what it was even just a few decades ago. Long gone are the days of the 60s and 70s when the classic platforms like billboards, television ads, radio, and print ran supreme. These days there are also online advertisements and the ever-changing social media landscape that needs to be taken into account. Due to these changes there are so many areas and mediums that need to be taken into account in order to have have all bases covered. The sheer amount of information available can mean that it more difficult than it once was to attract attention to a new brand or product, and that the competition is stiffer. As a result of exposure, consumers and customers have also become savvier than they once were, so strategy becomes more important than ever before. With that said however, despite all of the new communication tools at brands’ disposal one of the most effective marketing methods continues to be through personal connection and “word-of-mouth.”

Brand Ambassadors

Before describing in depth what a brand ambassador is, it is important to distinguish them from a spokesperson. They both play distinct yet important roles. A spokesperson is usually a celebrity but can be any recognizable public figure who vouches for the brand or company in an effort to offer legitimacy and gain attention. These people have been proven to be effective over the years. A brand ambassador’s role however, it to connect with people in daily life and speak to the brand. It is this relatable presence that gains the loyalty of the people. Brand ambassadors are the employees making these memorable personal interactions so that positive associations are made with the brand. They are the approachable figures that the public are most likely to find relatable and approachable.

As indicated before, brand ambassadors are the answer the dehumanizing that came along with digital forms of marketing. They insert human connection back into the practice. Brand ambassadors are often found canvassing in malls or in other public spaces, but they are most often working in trade shows representing the brand in a positive light. Their job is to embody and project the mentality and ethos of the company as accurately as possible. Potential clients and customers should quickly be able to grasp the attitude or purpose of the brand. It is for these reasons that it is so vitally important that the brand ambassadors are are able to embody the brand. Ambassadors also need to have the ability to speak thoughtfully about the company while also be educated on it so that they are able about it to answer all questions that a consumer might have in regards the company and its products.

Online Ambassadors

Brand ambassador’s roles have also been extended to their online presence. It follows the same principles as being a brand ambassador in person, after all consumers are more likely to try something new when it has been recommended to them by someone they know. Online they should still be promoting the brand to their online circles and following while actively trying to expand this network in the hopes of it reaching a wider audience of people. These ambassadors should not be afraid to reach out to customers of the competition either because there is already an interest in the kind of product.

When seeking out brand ambassadors for this platform look for candidates with established networks. “The more the merrier” should be the mantra for recruitment. With that in mind however, they do not need to have thousands upon thousands of Twitter and Instagram followers. After all that would be difficult to find on a consistent basis. Just be sure to find candidates with active social media accounts that they are willing and able to expand. A little bit of effort in combination with the proper hashtags will offer great results.

Finding Online Ambassadors

Brands should not be afraid to reach out to any promising candidates that they come across. If they have successful brand ambassadors, those individuals might also be able to recommend some potential candidates they know. This can get tricky however, if their audience is the same but it is always worth investigating the possibilities. Finally, advertise the need in digital spaces that you would find the brand’s audience because there is no one better to promote the brand than an individual who genuinely supports it.

― October 24, 2017



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