No room? No worries, we’ll store your assets in our warehouse!

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Keep your exhibit safe and secure in our climate controlled, fully secured 30 000 sq ft warehouse. In most cases, it’s in-practical to store your assets on your premises. Proper storage requires trained personnel and special handling equipment. At rmg, we enforce meticulous quality control measures; your materials are examined, repacked and restocked every time they return from an event. This process saves our clients time and money; enabling our staff to deal with any issues that may have arisen during shipping, thereby eliminating unpleasant surprises before your next event.

Our warehousing facility is also home to our staging area, where all exhibits are set up prior to being sent out to ensure everything looks and functions flawlessly, making any refinements necessary.

“At rmg, we enforce meticulous quality control measures; your materials are examined, repacked and restocked every time they return from an event.”
Raj Bodhoo, rmg Service Manager

Tradeshow Logistics

One of the most critical matters of exhibit marketing is making sure that your exhibit arrives on time to it’s destination in the condition in which it left. At rmg, our team is adept in both domestic and international logistics. It’s our objective to anticipate potential challenges in the transport management process, reducing the risk of mishap, added expense, or the stress of corrective action.

rmg can handle the freight to and from your show at competitive rates using our experienced shipping network. Whether it’s scheduling marshalling yard delivery times or advance warehouse deadlines, we can coordinate your show logistics and make sure the freight is delivered on-time to every show.

rmg has grown our business on our reputation, value and building great relationships from our quality of service provided. We can help with your shipping program and see how we can streamline the process to improve your efficiency and lower your shipping costs.

Our process includes:

  • Handling any sized shipment from a small skid to a full load, anywhere across North America. We can save you time and money and our experience includes coordinating logistics for roadshows moving your inventory to consecutive multiple events:
    • Careful packaging and crating of your assets
    • Proper documentation accompanies all shipments, including packing lists, return labels and specific return instructions
    • Careful tracking of your shipment from departure to arrival
    • Over 25 years of experience selecting industry suppliers that have proven reliable and competitive
    • Preparing custom docs and other documentation required for international shipping
  • Well versed in venue policies, advance warehousing procedures and show management guidelines, we ensure that all paperwork, assets and exhibit materials are properly packaged and transported to avoid any extra charges from show services.
  • Our emergency response line is available 24/7 to our clients.
  • Your Project Manager will keep you informed of your shipment’s progress and any relevant details.

We are committed to ensuring you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with choosing a full service exhibit marketing solution. We want to partner with you to have a smooth and successful show from start to finish.

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