Why Brand Ambassadors are So Important

Trade shows and industry events take a lot of hard work to organize. From preparing the logistics of your marketing strategy to assessing the size and space of the venue, you’ve got a lot of planning to do.


Facilitating everything on your own can feel overwhelming. Event planning can seem like a foreign language unless you’re fully immersed in it, even with a strong and capable staff behind you.


And it’s not just the planning that is stressful to many people — working on the floor and talking to hundreds of people requires a lot of energy and a very specific type of personality. You have to captivate audiences with charisma and entice them to buy your products and services while remaining professional. It’s a demanding job and certainly not one that anyone can do.


You need to hire professional event marketers who will enhance your brand’s presence by developing a creative marketing plan and engaging with attendees. At Reveal Marketing Group (rmg), we provide outstanding solutions to your event marketing needs, including a team of dynamic and outgoing brand ambassadors.


rmg is a full-service marketing and design house that is founded on over 25 years of industry experience. We’re your single resource to partner with to create an integrated, comprehensive marketing strategy.


Our brand ambassadors are the best in the business because we train our team meticulously and with integrity. At rmg, we’re storytellers that bring your brand’s message to life by getting to know you inside-out. Our brand ambassadors and marketing team will meet with you weeks before the event to discuss what your intentions are.


We will ask questions about your brand’s story so that we can get a better idea of how to present your brand in a creative and meaningful way. Our brand ambassadors will become the face of your business, so they’ll want to learn as much about you as possible.


They’ll be able to speak about your brand with sincerity and confidence by the time the event begins.


Consider the benefits of hiring our professional brand ambassadors for your upcoming industry event or trade show. After working with rmg you’ll wonder how you ever managed events without us!


What is a Brand Ambassador?


The right brand ambassador will help turn attendees into leads — but how?


Brand ambassadors are marketing professionals who understand how to be good salespeople while also remaining genuine and empathetic to consumers’ needs. They promote your brand by engaging in one-on-one interaction with event attendees and via digital activations and product demonstrations.


Our brand ambassadors advocate your brand at events in many different roles. Some of these include:


  • Production assistants
  • DJs
  • Emcees
  • Event managers
  • Technical staff
  • Product samplers
  • Models
  • Much more


Brand staff will facilitate a marketing plan and ensure that it’s executed properly right to the end. Depending on how you want to present your story, we will develop a creative and enticing event design that represents your brand and what it stands for.


You won’t have to worry about a thing because we’ll have it covered.


Brand Ambassadors Bring Personality



Brand ambassadors humanize your business because of their compassionate and outgoing personalities. They’re on the floor turning attendees into potential customers effortlessly because they’re real, relatable people.


People don’t necessarily want to engage with a business owner directly. A business owner is likely to endorse their products or services in a positive light because they obviously want to make sales and generate affirmative brand awareness. Consumers appreciate information that is genuine.


A brand ambassador is that layer between you and your target audience that lets people feel a little more confident when making purchasing decisions. They put a real, friendly face to your brand.


Aveeno’s Earth Week Pop-up


Mega skincare retailer Aveeno created an engaging pop-up event to celebrate Earth week a few years ago in the middle of Times Square, New York City.


Building awareness for a very important cause (the dismal state of the ecological system today), the skincare line set up shop right in the middle of one of the busiest intersections in the world.


They created a pop-up forest for people to walk through and to enjoy the tranquility of nature in the midst of the bustling city.


Brand ambassadors passed out information about the brand, gave tours of the environmentally-conscious pop-up, and helped attendees understand the importance of Aveeno’s natural ingredients.


What made this event even more relatable was that they utilized the power of celebrity. Aveeno teamed with fashion model and environmental activist Summer Rayne Oakes to be the leading brand ambassador at the event.


If you’re able, hiring a familiar face can help boost sales and encourage brand loyalty. People trust people they recognize and it provides legitimacy.


Brand Ambassadors Increase Brand Awareness


Whether it’s in real-time at your event or through social media, brand ambassadors will get your brand noticed.


rmg will work with you to create a trade show display booth that optimizes the power of your brand. We provide stunning visuals, digital technology, and our brand ambassadors will be on the floor, engaging with event attendees directly, turning people into leads.


Our brand ambassadors are highly connected within industry networks. As part of the event marketing process, they will create a detailed social media schedule that encompasses pre, live, and post content using clever and engaging hashtags.


They’ll reach out to appropriate influencers in your industry to ensure that the right people will know about you and to check out your display booth at the event.


Our brand ambassadors have years of collective experience with building social media presence and are experts at raising brand awareness. They use social media management tools to measure engagement and are always on top of trends and popular social language so that they can create interesting posts on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.


rmg’s brand ambassadors are your biggest fans on and offline. During events, they are on the floor speaking directly to attendees, creating buzz for your brand — check out what CAA had to say about our brand staff to discover the power of face-to-face promotion.


If you have an event coming up or an exciting industry event, you’ll want to impress your competition and attract new customers. Our outgoing, experienced, and dynamic brand ambassadors are there for you from beginning to end.


If you start a project with us today along with our team of brand ambassadors, your only concern will be that you’ll have to say goodbye to them when it’s all over. You’re going to miss them!

― October 28, 2019



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