Update Your Retail Space with Innovative Event Marketing

For many, fall feels a lot like a fresh start. Perhaps it’s because it’s a new school year for students and as the leaves change colour with the seasonal shift, it’s as though we’re all headed into a new year of possibilities as the current one ends.


It’s the perfect time of year to revitalize your living and workspace. You’ve heard of spring-cleaning, but what better time of year to renovate than in the fall? As the cold weather hits you’ll want to ensure that you’re prepared, comfortable, and fresh for the winter!


This includes your place of business. Are you planning an event at your retail space in the next couple of months? You’ll want to ensure that it’s looking its best so you can dazzle crowds and generate sales.


Add innovation to your retail space and create an energizing and creative environment with Reveal Marketing Group (rmg) — an event marketing company based in Toronto that has been working in the industry for over 25 years.


Whether you’re looking to change the look and feel of your space or if you’re hosting an event, rmg is here to help you attain your targets.


Experiential marketing is a method that connects consumers with brands. Its goal is to engage individuals with brands via interactive and memorable experiences.


It’s no secret that today’s consumer isn’t just interested in products and services. Because of the internet, social media, and celebrity influencer culture, people want brands that they can identify with and view them as an extension of their lifestyles.


Research has shown that the desire for experiences has risen within the last few years. More and more millennials are choosing experiences over things. In today’s consumer climate people want to seize the moment and to experience all that life has to offer.


Life isn’t just about collecting possessions anymore.


Consider how experiential retail marketing can turn your traditional retail space into a refreshing, exciting experience and check out these examples.


Build Lasting Connections with Customers


The effectiveness of retail marketing hinges on personalizing the shopping experience for your customers. You can spend thousands of dollars on fancy gadgets for your store, and they will definitely help, but what’s most important is creating an exclusive space where your customers will feel comfortable and excited to shop.


It is likely that you already ascribe to social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter and that you update these sites regularly. Your retail and online spaces should branch off of each other in terms of aesthetics, mood, and customer service.


Your brand should feel familiar while simultaneously providing innovative ways for customers to engage and learn more about you. rmg can help tell your brand’s story with creative event marketing in the retail space.


Our intention is to form long-lasting relationships with your customers. To do this, you must show how important they are to you as a brand by developing thoughtful retail marketing strategies.


Put on an Event with Professional Brand Ambassadors


To celebrate your customers, make them feel appreciated by throwing parties throughout the year. Not only can you highlight your products or services when you organize exclusive, branded events, but it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate how you value customers and all that they do for you.


Private events are also an opportunity to facilitate sales and to showcase any new items you might have in your space. If it’s a restaurant that you’re celebrating, have your chef prepare a prix fixe meal paired with a special wine for your guests. If it’s a store, consider which exclusive items you’d like to feature so that people will want to take them home at the end of the night.


At rmg, we offer professional brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are your biggest promoters. They’re highly trained event marketing professionals who are excellent salespeople.


Their ultimate job is to produce sales and qualify leads for you at events so that all you’ll have to worry about is closing any big deals when the event comes to a close.


Our brand ambassadors can be:


  • DJs
  • Emcees
  • Models
  • Photographers
  • Event Managers
  • Technical Support Staff
  • Product Samplers
  • And more


Brand ambassadors are the perfect event staff because they’re naturally charismatic and make talking to your customers a priority.


Prior to any event, our brand ambassadors and marketing staff will sit down with you to learn all about the brand’s story. We’ll discuss its history, values, and what your short- and long- term goals are.


Our ambassadors will be able to speak to your brand with confidence so that they will be able to sell products or services with ease.


They’ll also bring a human quality to your brand. We hire individuals who are marketing professionals with experience and have extraordinary people skills.


Because brand staff work so closely with other people they need to be personable, charismatic, and excellent at customer service.


Nespresso Brand Activations


To drive awareness for its single-serve machines, Nespresso hired brand ambassadors to conduct activations at customized events at pop-ups across the United States a couple of years ago.


The pop-ups were referred to as boutiques and the spaces emulated the aesthetic of European cafes, suggesting that Nespresso offers exclusivity and value to its customers.


Brand ambassadors administered all of the pop-ups, from educating guests about the types of coffee to serving it. They created strong bonds with customers by letting them know about product details and how important their customers meant to them as a brand.


They provided face-to-face contact and allowed customers to experience the product first-hand in a branded environment.


Utilize Digital Technology


Give your retail space a boost with the power of digital and interactive technology. rmg provides products for your retail space of all sorts, and we specialize in top of the line technology —  including virtual reality — that suits your needs.


Custom kiosks with touchscreen tablets where customers can scroll through lists of items provide a lot more marketing power than you’d think.


When people have the luxury to look through a menu or items to purchase at their own pace they feel in control. It makes consumers feel comfortable.


Virtual Reality (VR) is a tool that retailers have been utilizing over the last few years, and it’s incredibly useful for both business owners and consumers.


It immerses consumers within your brand, giving them an unforgettable experience. VR connects consumers to your brand in a way that is unlike any other marketing tool.

The North Face’s VR Tour


Check out how in 2016, the outdoor clothing line The North Face used VR to transform customers to Yosemite National Park as they shopped in the company’s retail stores.


Following the outdoor recreation brand’s mission statement, which is to “inspire a life of exploration,” The North Face forged an emotional connection with customers by enhancing their storytelling and transporting people to the outdoors.


At rmg, we want to tell your story and make deep connections with your customers. We’re full of creative ideas and we want your brand and retail space to shine.


Experience the ease of working with a full turnkey marketing operation. We’ll help you to be your very best. You can see what our clients have to say about us, and we promise you’ll be impressed.


Start the upcoming season with a fresh start. Call us today to learn more!

― October 21, 2019



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