Tips on How Companies can Maximize Their Tradeshow Spending

Trade shows have proven to be an effective marketing method. They bring companies to visitors who are looking for similar services. Due to this trade shows hold a lot of potential for finding new clients which will expand the business. Needless to say, there is a lot of competition at these events thanks to the potential that they pose.

Some spending is required to ensure that you stand out from the pack, the key is efficient investments though. So without further ado, here are some ways for companies to maximize their tradeshow spending.

exhibition event booth

  1. Stand out at the next Trade Show: The trade show booth is the calling card for any vendor at one of these events. It is often the first impression for attendees and visitors to the trade show. For this reason it is an important tool to employ effective trade show marketing. The brand and services can easily be established in this capacity. It is important to also ensure that while it properly communicates the brand, the booth should also look professional. This is where quality control comes into play. If quality isn’t up to par, do not move ahead with the insufficient booth. It is always better to pay a little more for custom exhibit design for a properly constructed trade show booth which will make a positive first impression and last longer than a less expensive unprofessional display booth.
  2. Pre-Event Meetings: Attendees go to trade shows for a specific reason. They are relevant to their own interests and often have one or two goals in mind prior to attending. One of the best things any vendor can do prior to the actual show is to reach out to the attendees to set up a meeting with them. This can easily be done by obtaining a list of vendors from the promoters of the event. Unfortunately this will cost money, but the investment is worth it. Setting up appointments with attendees ensure that they will visit the booth during the trade show rather than getting drowned out by similar services and vendors.

Premiere of the Audi A8 luxury vehicle on the Fleet Market motor show.

  1. Speaking Slot: The goal of any vendor at a trade show is to stand out from the competition, a task that often proves difficult for many people. There are many different tricks and stunts which can draw attention to a company, but some of the simplest tactics are the most effective. For example: speaking. Try securing a speaking spot at the trade show on a relevant and interesting topic. This will establish the speaker as a leader within the industry while also providing positive publicity to the attendees. They will remember the speaker more than any company because they will be able to associate it with a friendly and approachable face. This will also cost money, but the investment will pay off in exhibit visitors and a growing awareness of the company.
  2. The Right Attitude: This can be a difficult balance to achieve. Disinterested or disengaged sales representatives and brand ambassadors are not able to hold the interest of potential customers because they are not able to make these people feel important. Sales and positive feedback suffers severely as a result. Swinging too hard in the other direction can be just as detrimental though. Aggressive sales people are off putting and don’t inspire an interest in the company. It is important to hire the right people to represent the company at trade shows for this reason. Going to the right service, even if it is slightly more expensive, is a necessary expense. These people are the backbone of any successful trade show.
  3. Promotional Materials: People love free giveaways. This isn’t exactly the best-kept secret, so take advantage of the opportunity. Investing in free tote bags or stickers is a fun way to spread the company’s name around the trade show, and even afterwards in the world. Free items also provide an incentive to visitors to spend some time in the booth. They are an effective draw. Other promotional materials, other than free items, can also attract attention though. Consider a promotional video about the company for instance. This will attract to the booth and inspire visitors to learn more about the company and everything it offers.

While any one of these strategies will help with the maximize trade show spending, they are most effective when used in conjunction with each other. They will ensure that any trade show you attend is a success for the company. While spending is inevitable, smart decisions are always worth the initial investment!

― July 9, 2018



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