Stepping Outside of the Box with Guerrilla Marketing

Dining at the same restaurant every night does not leave much up to the imagination. Anyone would eventually tire of a menu that could be recited by heart and predictable banter between wait staff. It is important to apply variety to the things we do, and be willing to engage with new, exciting experiences.

As an event marketing agency in Toronto we apply this philosophy to everything we do. We work with you to customize the best tradeshow and industry event marketing experiences for both you and event attendees. In order to captivate attendees and secure leads for you and your company, we put our minds together to develop creative and inspiring campaigns, often through the use of creative outside-the-box strategies like guerilla marketing.

Guerrilla marketing is an attention-grabbing, generally low-cost way to vitalize your next trade show or industry event, and it is all about immersive experience. Similar to inbound marketing, guerrilla marketing techniques are designed to draw in potential customers and engage with a well-defined target audience rather than outwardly push a brand or product onto prospects in hopes of generating leads.

The idea is to enter your potential consumer’s daily life without them realizing it, and to create a memorable experience, such as with a pop-up shop or a flash mob.

Guerrilla marketing is effective because:

  • It is often low-cost
  • It makes you stand out in a crowd
  • It creates an emotional reaction from your audience
  • It generates long-lasting relationships with attendees, because of unique, memorable experiences

When you team up with rmg for your next trade show or industry event, see how brand staff can influence sales as we create strategizes to develop effective ways to get your name out there, and to use personalized guerrilla tactics suited to your product or service. We want to make a lasting impression on event attendees—not just for the duration of the event, but well beyond.

Because experiential marketing tactics create intimate and memorable experiences, guerrilla marketing becomes an impactful, imaginative way to engage with an audience and to attract leads.

Here are a couple of successful guerrilla tactic examples that you might want to think about before your next industry event.

Art Fair – Volkswagen Pop-up (where people are allowed to steal art)

Have you ever exhibited at an art event and weren’t quite sure how to grab the attention of the crowd? If you are an art enthusiast living in Toronto, you might be aware that the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair is taking place this summer.

A common guerrilla tactic is to put on pop-ups. Pop-ups can be anything from a clothing store, bar, restaurant, you name it—but it is only there for a temporary time and its main purpose is to gain attention from a targeted audience and generate immediate leads.

Pop-ups can use conventional tools like digital signage and pop up display banners — but since they are temporary, they also have to be memorable.

Coming up with a creative way to advertise your brand to a group of creative people might seem daunting, but consider what Volkswagen dared to do: create a pop-up art gallery where admirers could simply grab any framed photograph they wanted. Essentially, they wanted people to steal art.

You might be thinking, how will that help my brand?

Volkswagen’s pop-up exhibits were made up of images that were taken from three-framed long-exposure light paintings, all created by taillights of the Jetta GL1 as it moved. All of the photographs were limited edition and hand numbered, and were intended to be stolen.

What better way to advertise your brand at an art event, than to create an immersive, multisensory environment dedicated to your product, and also to showcase a viable product that in turn becomes a lasting, tangible memory?

As experiential marketers, we approach all of our projects with attention to detail and a unique visionary perspective. We have all the tools you need, including products like high quality portable pop up displays and poster frames.

If you plan to exhibit at an event like the upcoming Outdoor Art Fair, our team of trained professionals specialize in maximizing marketability at any event to optimize the power of your brand.

Stepping Outside of the Box Guerrilla Marketing 

Food & Drink Festivals – Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival

Everyone loves wine and spirits, especially when enjoyed with friends. The Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival, happening this June, is an excellent place to exhibit your brand because you will be surrounded by attendees looking to find exciting new products to try.

But how can you stand out from the crowd? How do you make your brand and exhibit booth unique? If you want to make a lasting impression and to qualify leads effectively, you may want to consider what Carlsberg accomplished with an interactive beer tap.

Yes, that’s right. An interactive beer tap.

Taking inspiration from bars being epicentres of social activity, Carlsberg created a campaign in 2014 using beer taps, social media, and interactive technology. When a customer ordered a Carlsberg beer from the tap, they had the option to take a photo of themselves with their friends, upload it to social media using the hashtag #BarBandits, and then play a lottery slot-style animation game that was projected on a screen, with the chance to win a free beer.

The tap was equipped with a wireless sensor, connecting customers’ photos and hashtags to the screen where the game was projected. This intimate campaign connected people to the brand on many levels.

Carlsberg enhanced the strength of their brand’s story through celebrating their product and bringing people together with excellent social media tactics and a clever guerrilla marketing strategy.

At rmg we have an entire team of experts who are ready to bring your brand’s message to life. If you are thinking about integrating social media into your marketing plan to attract attendees at an event like the upcoming Wine & Spirits Festival, we would love for you to learn more about us so that we can get your next guerrilla marketing tactics in order.

To heighten your brand’s presence at your next event, try something different. At rmg, our branding techniques are nothing less than extraordinary. It’s our job to make you the star of the show.

― March 31, 2019



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