Stay on Top of Your Event Marketing Game with Guerrilla and Experiential Tactics

Have you ever heard the saying “if you don’t think outside of the box, you may just get stuck inside of a cubicle?” When we refuse to take risks in life, we find ourselves hooked on predictable routines, and it is harder to feel excited about getting up in the morning and tackling the day.

In marketing, when we follow the same strategies over and over, we tend to burn out, and so does our audience. It is natural to crave innovation and want to exercise fresh ideas.

Thinking outside of the box is crucial to marketing, especially in today’s dynamic climate. As marketers, we need to constantly be on our toes.

At Reveal Marketing Group (rmg), we specialize in trade show experiential and guerrilla marketing techniques, providing unique solutions to any event marketing campaign. Experiential and guerrilla marketing create real, memorable experiences for audiences.

rmg provides situations where individuals can physically touch, hear, even smell your product or service, using creative methods to engage and capture the attention of an audience.

Millennials are expected to outnumber baby boomers in 2019, and have great clout in what determines marketing trends. Experiences matter to millennials. In fact, as many as 84 percent of millennials distrust traditional advertising, proving that it is integral to apply innovative methods to your marketing strategies.

If you are exhibiting at any number of the upcoming summer events in Toronto this year, consider implementing outside of the box methods to your marketing campaign and keeping those under 40 in mind.

Here are a few examples of inventive experiential and guerrilla marketing that might trigger some ideas for your next event.

Engage Event Attendees with Immersive Pop-ups

To put it simply, experiential marketing uses engaging exhibit marketing solutions and is a strategy that focuses primarily on communicating your brand’s story through customer experience.

The objective is to create an experience that is unforgettable and immersive.

Pop-ups are transient, experiential installations where event attendees can learn about your brand in a captivating setting.

At industry events, when it is often easy to blend in with the hundreds and sometimes thousands of fellow exhibitors, it is important to apply unique design ideas to your trade show booth. You need to champion your competition.

WestJet’s #LondonCalling Campaign

Recently, WestJet created a powerful guerrilla marketing campaign that ten lucky Calgarians are not likely to forget anytime soon.

The airline placed huge teal phone booths—reminiscent of the famous British red phone boxes—all over Calgary, Alberta. As pedestrians walked by, the phone inside would periodically ring, and eventually, an unknowing passerby would answer.

The person on the other end of the line (jolly English accent in tow) would inform the fortunate pedestrian that they have won a trip for two to London, to celebrate WestJet’s new direct flights from Calgary to the UK capital.

WestJet also incorporated social media into the strategy, encouraging winners to post a selfie with their WestJet ticket, using the hashtag “LondonCalling,” to build brand awareness and to expand the experience even further into the digital realm.

You’re going to need to have the right displays on hand to make sure your company and your product are seen and heard.

rmg provides vibrant custom exhibit booth design that can heighten your brand’s visibility at any event, and we love to fuse our wide selection of displays (including digital) with exciting guerrilla marketing tactics, similar to WestJet’s latest campaign.

Engage Your Audience with Immersive Technology

People love technology, and even now in such a digitally-saturated market, we are drawn to anything on a screen—particularly millennials. At industry events, you want to stand out and to engage as effectively as possible with event attendees in order to turn prospects into leads.

rmg administers eye-catching digital interactive displays where event attendees can learn about your product or services by looking through custom-designed kiosks and interactive touchscreens.

The Antarctic Dome, Coachella 2017

Are you thinking about exhibiting at one of Toronto’s many music festivals this summer? Music festivals are a great opportunity to illustrate the importance of your product or service to a younger crowd, as well as a chance to step outside the box a little by utilizing interactive technology.

In 2017, HP designed an installation in a giant dome at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival using projected visuals and spatialized audio to demonstrate the power of HP’s technological capabilities with an eight-minute audiovisual masterpiece.

Audience members felt the experience completely viscerally, as HP utilized their best technological assets and features.

With the help of our brand staff, rmg can facilitate innovative digital experiences on-site, much like HP’s, and your booth can be the festival’s main attraction.

Get Creative with Brand Ambassadors

rmg’s professional brand ambassadors bring a fresh approach to the event management industry. Our brand staff add personality to your products or services by engaging with attendees through one-on-one discussions and product demonstrations, creating an inviting environment.

They are also on the floor to interact with attendees—handing out samples, administering customer surveys, operating any technical or digital equipment—all with the intention to qualify leads.

If you initiate experiential marketing even within the smaller details of your business, your brand’s recognition can expand enormously.

Memorable Business Cards

At your next industry event, consider implementing creative, immersive design into your business cards, and have our knowledgeable and friendly brand staff deliver them to attendees throughout the event space.

A Vancouver yoga studio, Flow, turned their business cards into mini yoga mats. With their critical information printed on the surface such as contact details and logo, the cards were given to customers rolled up with a small ribbon to replicate an actual yoga mat, and once opened, the brand’s identity was revealed.

Personalized marketing collateral such as customized business cards provides a sensory experience of what your brand represents and an invitation for a target audience to want to learn more about the product or service—in this case, an integral piece of yoga practice that could be found at the studio.

At your next industry event, communicate your brand’s story with inventive promotional tools. rmg brand staff can draw attention to your exhibition booth by passing out your unusual and memorable business cards.

Experiential and guerrilla marketing techniques capture people’s attention, and they initiate conversations among all generations.

If you want to make an impact and take an imaginative approach to your next event marketing campaign, read our customer testimonials to see how rmg can help you today.

― April 29, 2019



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