Spice Up Your Summer Event with a Customized Pop-up Shop

Most Canadians wait for summer all year long — particularly if you live in Southwestern Ontario, where winters are dark and cold and summers are bright and warm.

Everyone looks forward to outdoor festivals and events when we can celebrate the beauty of our country’s diverse culture with food, drink, and more in the beautiful outdoors.

As a business owner, you have the opportunity to take your brand to the streets at the many outdoor summer festivals and events that take place in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Have you thought about how you will stand out from the crowd as a business owner? How you can truly achieve genuine engagement between event attendees and your brand?

When you’re developing your event marketing plan, creativity and innovation should be at the top of your priority list. It’s a competitive market out there, so you have to stay on your toes and dominate your competition with unique and compelling booth design.

In the spirit of an outgoing, laid-back summer, why not create a fun pop-up shop at an upcoming event? Instead of bringing the traditional display booth to an event or festival, construct your own vibe with a participatory and engaging shop.

Reveal Marketing Group (rmg) is an event marketing company that designs custom trade show displays in Toronto and throughout Southwestern Ontario. We’ve been working with businesses for over 40 years and are experts at designing custom retail shops for festivals and outdoor events.

Pop-ups build revenue for your brand, and here’s how.

What exactly is a Pop-up Shop?

Think of a pop-up shop as a method of flash retailing. It’s a retail store (or restaurant) that is opened temporarily to take advantage of trends and seasonal events and products.

The reason why they are such effective money-making initiatives is that you literally take them to wherever your customers are.

For example, if you are a craft brewery owner, consider taking your products to the indie music festival Hillside that takes place in Guelph this summer. Music lovers have a tendency to also love beer, so what better place to build your customer base with a customized bar that promotes your products and services?

They Generate Buzz for Your Brand

Pop-ups are incredible marketing tools because they draw attention from crowds. When attendees aren’t engaging in festival entertainment or event demonstrations, they’ll be investigating the event and taking time to see what vendors are on site.

With an inviting bar or retail space where attendees can relax, have a drink, or casually shop, you’re creating a welcoming space.

The most important aspect is to build a shop that tells your brand’s story. It should feel like an extension of you and your business.

You’ll want to get exhibition design help from us because of our expertise in illustrating brand power through display booths and pop-ups. We create immersive environments that spark conversation at any event.

People will tell others about it, and with clever social media planning, they can encourage others to join by using customized hashtags and social content.

They Boost Your Social Media Reach

In fact, social media should always be a factor when planning a pop-up because it’s an unbeatable way to promote your shop.

People will be excited to experience something out of the ordinary, and they’ll want to share it with their friends.

You might want to install a photo booth so attendees can engage even further with your shop, bar, or restaurant.

With encouragement from your staff, they could take photos and post them to their social media channels.

Coloured and Curated: The Pantone Café

Consider how the innovative printing and colour consulting company Pantone interprets their own version of a pop-up each year at Paris Fashion Week (and with exclusive temporary cafés all over the world) and how social media becomes an integral component to its plan.

The marketing team behind The Pantone Café asked themselves a very conceptual but brand-appropriate question:  what does colour taste like?

The outdoor café sells a minimal menu of fresh juices, light lunches, and pastries. What makes it so appealing is that each item is branded with a signature Pantone colour.

The company started a special Instagram page for the café, encouraging attendees to snap a photo and upload it to tag it to the site.

The company has increased its brand awareness by building such a specifically curated shop. By creating this uniquely enticing space, they’ve also opened up a great opportunity to build their audience utilizing the power of social media awareness.

They Encourage Spontaneous Purchases

The temporary nature of a pop-up ignites a sense of urgency in shoppers — the idea that they might not have the chance to purchase the products or services again, or that items are ‘limited edition.’

Event attendees also view pop-ups as a place to unwind at festivals. After listening to a long set at an event such as the Kitchener Blues Festival, people will be excited to walk outside the concert lines, chat with their friends, and browse vendors’ products and services.

Depending on what your festival or event is promoting, a helpful tip is to always offer necessities to attendees.

If you’re situated outdoors at a summer event, offer bottled water or small containers of sunscreen if possible. You will increase sales as well as provide helpful services to your audience.

Utilize Brand Ambassadors for Better Customer Experience

Promoting your brand and providing exceptional customer service is crucial when you exhibit at summer events.

rmg’s team of professional brand ambassadors partner with you to facilitate everything from serving product samples to DJing a curated playlist at your shop.

They are experienced salespeople and the main objective is to qualify attendees into leads so you won’t have to.

Most importantly, our charismatic brand ambassadors engage face-to-face with attendees, creating a trusted connection between your brand and the audience.

BirchBox’s Tour

In 2015 the online beauty retailer BirchBox launched a series of outdoor pop-ups. To demonstrate the benefits of signing up for their services, the company hired a team of brand ambassadors who offered manicures, astrology readings, and more to shop visitors.

Visitors received first-rate customer service from BirchBox’s brand ambassadors. They provided attendees with a positive and memorable experience.

A pop-up shop is a great way to showcase your products and services to event attendees this summer and to dominate your competition with innovative and compelling audience interaction.

To learn more about creative display booth design, click here and start planning for a busy and successful festival season!

― July 29, 2019



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