Retail and Event Marketing: The Two go Hand-in-Hand

There is no place quite like a trade show or industry event to promote your brand because they offer you a platform to market your products and services to consumers who already have an established interest in what you’re selling.

Event attendees are there because they want to be, and they’re eager to learn more about you and to make purchases. They are your target audience.

In addition to reaching a wide group of enthusiastic consumers, trade shows can be incredibly rewarding because you have the opportunity to:

  • Expand your target audience by reaching new customers
  • Deliver face-to-face interaction with customers
  • Create relationships with customers and other industry professionals
  • Generate incredible sales leads
  • And much more

However, in order to truly make your event worth your while, you need to stand out from the crowd of competing exhibiting vendors. You need to champion your competition and optimize your traditional retail marketing initiatives and make a splash with an original and captivating display booth.

rmg is an event marketing company founded on over 25 years of industry experience. We are a full-service marketing and design house with a passionate approach to creating visually arresting communications designed to inspire.

We’re also your one-stop turnkey retail display manufacturer. Whether it’s a wall mural, POP display, retail kiosk, merchandiser, or in-store signage, we produce stunning, visually captivating solutions that are compliant with store specifications; and we always deliver on time and on budget.

Consider how the right retail marketing initiatives can turn your ordinary trade show display booth into an extraordinary, memorable experience.

Create a Pop-up

If it’s possible, before you exhibit at any event, be sure to attend as a guest to grasp what kind of consumer you’ll be working with. You’ll be able to cater to the event attendees better when you have a solid sense of audience age-range, demographics, and consumer behaviour.

You’ll also want to add innovation to your retail space by creating a memorable experience for event attendees. A custom-designed pop-up shop does exactly that.

A pop-up shop is the perfect method to attract attendees so that they can discover more about you. Your customized booth will represent your brand and its unique story with stunning visuals and most importantly, an opportunity for people to sample your products and samples.

Moxie’s Hard Lemonade Pop-up

Retail Marketing Tips

This past summer, the restaurant chain Moxie’s decided to go the extra mile by designing a branded pop-up bar. Taking it to wine and food events all across the GTA, the pop-up bar offered a unique twist: a custom-made Moxie’s Raspberry Hard Lemonade.

Under a branded Moxie’s tent a team of brand ambassadors handed out drinks, and attendees could sit down and relax. Moxies provided a unique and memorable experience with a fun and laid-back atmosphere, and a delicious custom-made drink for attendees to enjoy and associate with the brand for a long time to come.

At rmg, our creative event marketing experts at rmg love to convey your brand’s story. Pop-ups give us the opportunity to make your brand stand out and entice new customers because we have the opportunity to tell your brand’s story in a unique and compelling manner.

They create buzz because of the limited-time-only nature and people want to experience that sort of exclusive experience.

Dazzle with Digital Technology

There are several ways to engage with attendees at trade shows and industry events. At rmg digital, we unite brands with their target audience through amazing environments and digital engagements. We provide effective technologies such as portable POS systems and customized retail kiosks. To see how we bring brands to life check out our work to see what we’ve been up to over the last little while!

An effective solution for your retail marketing needs is to utilize the power of Augmented Reality (AR). AR is the result of using technology to superimpose sounds, images, and text onto the world we see. It is different from Virtual Reality (VR).

Whereas VR delivers computer-generated environments for users to interact with and be immersed in, AR adds to the reality that we ordinarily see rather than replace it. For example, Pokémon Go, which was a hugely popular mobile game a couple of years ago, is an example of AR in action.

Neiman Marcus and Smart Digital Mirrors

Take a look at how the American department store Neiman Marcus incorporated AR into their retail space in 2017. The clothing store installed 58 MemoMi Labs Digital Mirrors into several Neiman Marcus locations.

These digital mirrors have revolutionized modern-day shopping and the retail experience. By using a combination of VR, AR, and Artificial Intelligence, customers can virtually try-on products of all sorts such as clothing, footwear, eyewear, accessories, and make-up in real-time without actually going through the inconvenience of the try-on experience.

Using a pixel-based algorithm, the mirrors provide a realistic and personalized augmented reality experience.

We would love to discuss AR retail trends with you for an upcoming industry event. We recognize the need for our clients to be competitive in their industry. That’s why rmg’s digital experts are always ahead of their game.

We are constantly seeking the next trend and finding ways to make you stand out and how to boost your brand loyalty.

Make a Statement

Applying experiential marketing tactics to your retail marketing plan is a surefire way to attract attendees to your booth and leverage your brand’s awareness. Experiential marketing places importance on creating memorable experiences for consumers.

Engaging directly with event attendees and facilitating interactive guerrilla marketing techniques — tactics that use surprise and interaction to engage consumers — are aspects that are more crucial to generating sales and defining your brand at an event than traditional, more content-driven marketing.

Coca-Cola’s Dancing Vending Machine

In 2013, Coca-Cola utilized guerrilla marketing and installed a huge, interactive vending machine in a busy shopping mall in South Korea to build brand awareness and its customer base. The idea was to engage individuals with the brand on a deeper level than a simple retail transaction.

The machine was equipped with large screens and motion-sensing technology. Characters on the screens encouraged passersby to join them in a dance-off, and those who successfully replicated the dancers on screen were rewarded with a free Coke.

A branded video that was made to coincide with the event garnered more than 2 million views on YouTube. Additional videos by participants and observers attracted even more views, and Coke posted a nine percent jump in sales, all while updating its brand image.

Guerrilla tactics and digital technology help get your brand noticed. If this example from Coca-Cola has triggered something creative in you, speak to rmg digital today so we can get the ball rolling for your next event.

Retail marketing can be exciting and innovative. Harness the power of your brand at an upcoming event and work with rmg.

With stunning visuals, an interactive platform, and exciting digital technology, attendees won’t want to leave your booth — and neither will you!

― September 30, 2019



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