Putting on an Event in Montréal? We’re here to Help!

Montréal is known for its bagels and poutine, but did you also know that it’s North America’s number one host city for international events?

From the Cirque Festival to Just for Laughs, Montréal is host to some of the world’s most diverse events and festivals, and if you are planning to exhibit at any of them this summer, you’re going to need innovative marketing tactics to ensure your brand is seen and heard in the most effective way possible.

To reach consumers in an emotional and engaging way, implement experiential marketing into your campaign and create experiences that they want to be part of.

Also referred to as engagement marketing, experiential marketing may be comprised of several marketing strategies geared toward immersing consumers within the experience of the product by engaging them in as many ways as possible, and its intention is to create a lasting impression on consumers, one that they will want to share with others.

The right experiential marketing company, like rmg, applies optimal tactics to captivate event attendees and draw them to your exhibit booth at your industry events.

As an event company in Montréal, we have years of experience in the many festivals and events that the vibrant city has to offer.

We apply immersive and experiential tactics to our event marketing strategies and at events as big as Just for Laughs — which attracts hundreds if not thousands of attendees (and an equal number of competing exhibitors) — standing out from the crowd is your brand’s main objective.

Consider the following three benefits of experiential marketing when you plan your upcoming exhibit in Montréal.

Form Lasting Connections with Customers

Experiential marketing makes it possible for consumers to see and feel how their lives would benefit with your product by creating an association between your brand and its positive vibes.

At rmg, we apply outstanding customer service with our professional team of brand ambassadors to any event marketing strategy, because we believe that sincere human interaction is the key to a successful business.

Consumers expect honesty, transparency, and a desire to feel valued by brands, and brand ambassadors help build this natural, humanizing relationship with your target audience through real and engaging communication.

The ultimate goal of our brand ambassadors at any event is to build your target audience by qualifying attendees into leads. Brand ambassadors are able to effectively qualify leads because they are approachable, charismatic, and they engage with attendees on a personal level through face-to-face interactions and live product demonstrations.

Once attendees are qualified, our team then sends them over to you so that you can close any potential sale.

We conduct in-depth training with our team prior to any event to ensure that they are ready to speak to your unique products and services. By the time your event is about to take place, they are fully prepared to speak about your brand, inside and out, with confidence.

Brand ambassadors are:

  • Team leaders
  • Product Samplers
  • Production Assistants
  • Food & Beverage Staff
  • And more

For inspiration on how to integrate brand ambassadors into your upcoming event, read about Lush’s experiential campaign.

Lush’s Creative Showcase

Consider how the all-natural skincare line strengthens their brand loyalty each year with the immersive Lush Showcase, and how brand ambassadors play an integral role in its facilitation.

To promote new products and to highlight its ethical practices, Lush creates a completely hands-on experience for attendees. Enthusiastic brand ambassadors provide engaging demonstrations of the skincare company’s products and services.

Attendees are invited to feel, smell, and sample the products to experience Lush first-hand as they learn about the company, and there is even an opportunity to experience products on a grand scale where brand ambassadors lead demonstrations and informative discussions using oversized Lush products that attendees can smell, touch, and sample.

rmg’s brand ambassadors can bring life to your brand too, with creative audience participation and immersive interactions at any event, and you can learn more about us and how we can heighten your brand’s awareness through experiential marketing techniques.

Give Attendees an Active Understanding of Your Product

Experiential marketing provides a deeper understanding of your product than traditional marketing because your audience actively participates in what you are selling.

rmg applies immersive digital technology and exciting ways to increase engagement to our event marketing strategies that encourages attendees to participate in your brand through applications such as virtual technology and augmented reality.

We have a staff of technology experts that can turn your exhibit display booth into an eye-catching digital experience, and with technology virtually all around us, it is now possible to create immersive experiences like never before.

Take a look at how Coca-Cola uses experiential marketing and digital technology to promote their brand.

Coca-Cola’s “Say Yes to the Taste You Love”

To introduce their new sugar-free product in Europe (Coca-Cola No Sugar), Coca-Cola initiated an experiential campaign in 2017 that used voice activation to encourage individuals to participate.

People were encouraged to actively use their voices by yelling “yes” into the screen of a large soda vending machine.

Voice recognition technology would trigger a bottle of Coca-Cola No Sugar to dispense — providing brand awareness as well as a captivating, memorable experience.

Participants could immediately sample the product, giving them an instant understanding of the brand’s new product.

If Coca-Cola’s voice-activated technology has inspired you to incorporate a similar experience to your upcoming event, rmg can digitally customize your display booth that will attract attendees and give them something to talk about long after the event is over.

Strengthen Your Customer Base with Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing focuses on high energy and unconventional tactics that yield maximum results and is aimed at two things: attracting new customers and urging current customers to continue buying.

Guerrilla marketing manages to reach more people, elicit more responses and generate more word of mouth publicity than conventional marketing methods because the tactics trigger so much surprise and emotion from an audience, and it is a highly effective method to enhance your customer base at industry events.

Consider how Colgate once broadened their brand awareness through the utilization of guerrilla tactics at an event in Thailand.

Colgate’s “Don’t Forget” Campaign

Colgate devised a clever and playful guerrilla campaign to bring attention to their brand and to provoke emotions of event attendees.

Knowing full-well the irresistible qualities of ice cream, Colgate handed out ice cream bars to any attendee that passed by their exhibit booth.

Once finished, attendees were surprised to find that the stick was in the shape of a toothbrush with “Don’t forget” and the brand’s logo written across it. Not only did this tactic remind attendees to brush their teeth, but it also prompted them to think about Colgate as a necessary part of their oral hygiene routines.

We would love to discuss guerrilla tactics and how you can benefit from them at your next event. This unconventional style of marketing draws attention to you and increases your brand recognition, and we have the tools to create the best strategy for your brand.

Make your mark in Montréal this summer with unique and compelling marketing tactics. At rmg, we have the tips to help you succeed and we know how to harness the power of your brand by utilizing interesting and compelling marketing techniques.


― May 25, 2019



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