Put Your Customers First with Experiential Marketing

These days, consumers search for deep and meaningful connections with brands. Our marketing landscape is saturated with advertisements online, via social media, on billboards, making it difficult to identify unique brands that have something relevant and relatable to say.

Audiences now crave experiences. They want an introspective and visceral impression of what it is that you’re offering as a brand. They want to know that your values are aligned with theirs and that you’re more than just a working business model.

To provide effective marketing and to expand your brand’s target audience, it’s crucial to build a trusting relationship with your consumer.

Successful marketing is a two-way street: showing what makes you special to consumers is equally as important as demonstrating why they, your audience, are important to you. In order to create a long-lasting and meaningful relationship, an immersive and memorable experience must be felt on both ends.

Experiential marketing is a method that involves both your brand and audience on a completely immersive level. It’s a strategy that engages consumers from using branded experiences. The idea is to deliver a memorable impact on the consumer — one that encourages them to share with friends both online and off. These experiences could include an event, a trade show demonstration, or a pop-up activation.

Ultimately, experiential marketing is all about immersing consumers in live experiences.

rmg is a company that specializes in experiential marketing in Toronto and Southwestern Ontario. We’ve been serving Ontario for over 40 years, and we understand how impactful immersive experiences can be on an audience.

If you have an event coming up this fall, and you’re looking to revitalize your marketing strategy, consider the following reasons why experiential marketing is so effective.

Experiential Marketing makes People Happy

Brands can only benefit from making customers happy, and feelings of happiness are needed to cultivate true brand loyalty.

Event attendees will leave your booth feeling excited and positive when you engage with them personally using experiential techniques. To experience something goes far beyond reading about it or even listening to a sales pitch.

Experiential marketing gives attendees the opportunity to touch, smell, taste, and sample their products and services. You can incorporate interactive and participatory photo booths that provide tangible results for attendees such as branded swag, gift cards, and a photo that they can look back on positively, and most importantly, share on social media networks to promote your display booth and brand.

Virtual Reality: British Columbia’s Ultimate Tourism Campaign

Virtual Reality (VR) is an immersive experience that captures the essence of your brand like no other marketing tool. Attendees can connect deeply and directly with your brand. It enables you to present your products and services right before attendees’ very eyes.

A travel company out of British Columbia has made it possible for people to experience the beauty of the province without even having to step onto a plane.

The company created The Wild Within VR Experience: a reality video that gives viewers a 360 degrees chance to experience what it feels like to visit a rainforest and to go on a coastal adventure.

Oculus Rift headsets were handed out to the virtual travellers. Users were given a selection of choices of scenic spots to enjoy the richly detailed and beautiful views of BC.

The viewers could fully experience the magnificent Canadian province in a completely unique and immersive way, taking away a positive and memorable experience.

Our digital experts at rmg are fully equipped to give your attendees something to remember with VR technology. We provide experiences that are meaningful, straightforward, and create lasting impressions — taking your brand to a new height.

Experiential Marketing Puts Your Customer First

The best customer is one that you know will be loyal to the brand for a long time — one with a high customer lifetime value. It’s important to retain these relationships by nurturing them and enhancing positive experiences, products, and services.

The most effective way to do this is to develop an emotional connection between your brand and your target audience. Experiential marketing is a powerful way to establish this positive bond.

Brand Ambassadors: Disney’s Doc McStuffins Clinic

Brand ambassadors are professional event marketers and promoters. The role of a brand ambassador is to engage with event attendees face-to-face and via live demonstrations.

rmg is proud to have a staff of professional brand ambassadors. Our ambassadors are highly trained professional event marketers and promoters, and they are experiential marketing experts.

They provide an incredibly human quality to your business. The ability to sincerely speak with another person, and to genuinely care about their questions and concerns, demonstrates to attendees that your brand can be trusted.

To increase merchandise sales and promote the second season of the Disney Channel children’s show Doc McStuffins in 2014, producers took the television show’s concept — a stuffed animal veterinary clinic — to a number of department stores throughout the UK.

A team of brand ambassadors became pseudo animal doctors as children brought their special toys to be treated with stethoscopes and thermometers. Children and parents bonded with the ambassadors, and this created a special memory for entire families, encouraging loyalty to the program and its merchandise.

Brand ambassadors help boost your brand’s recognition and awareness regardless of what your products and services are. High performing engagement with customers always achieves the best results. Brand ambassadors can turn any scenario into a fun, interactive experience, and the needs of customers are always placed first.

Regardless of size and scope, we treat your event like a business with a set of clearly defined strategic goals, defined milestones, and a comprehensive plan to ensure that your event is delivered on time and on budget.

At your upcoming event or trade show, apply experiential marketing techniques to your engagement strategy. In addition to allowing attendees to experience your products and services first-hand, be it via participatory games, family activities, or exciting VR tours, it’s an excellent method to increase your brand loyalty and awareness.

To read more on why experiential marketing is so effective check out rmg’s blog today and our featured articles on how you can expand your audience with creative and immersive engagements.

― August 27, 2019



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