Optimize Your Next Event with Brand Ambassadors

Organizing for a trade show is hard work. It takes months of planning and prepping. However, the advantages of showing at a trade show or industry event are numerous: it gives you the perfect opportunity to engage directly with clients and to make a good impression on potential ones. You learn more about your competitors and raise awareness for your brand to a broad group of people who likely already have an interest in your products and services.

The most important aspect of showcasing your brand at an event is to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. With dozens — and often hundreds — of competing vendors, you need to apply innovative and unique marketing techniques to your exhibition plan so that you capture the attention of event attendees. With all of the crucial minute details to concentrate on when facilitating the logistics of an upcoming event, your marketing plan may end up on the back burner.

Consider hiring a professional marketing team that fosters client loyalty via brand ambassadors that maximize the power of your brand through engaging and memorable live activations. They ensure that marketing is executed well and efficiently.

Brand ambassadors are the key ingredient to optimal marketability. They are highly trained marketing professionals whose main purpose is to develop and maintain a positive company image by interacting with consumers. They are charismatic and they’re required to have a vast understanding of your brand’s functions and vision. No other personality in professional marketing is capable of representing and promoting products and services like a brand ambassador.

Reveal Marketing Group (rmg) is an event marketing company that is founded on 25 years of industry experience with a team of high performing brand ambassadors. We are a full-service marketing and design house with a passionate approach to creating compelling visual communications designed to inspire.

You want to make your trade show investment count. Consider how brand ambassadors will turn your trade show display booth into an interactive and memorable experience and develop your brand’s customer base.

They Increase Brand Visibility

As event staff workers, brand ambassadors are your best marketing tool. They are strategic event management partners and their top priority is to promote your brand with integrity and drive.

rmg’s brand ambassadors wear many hats. Our staff is comprised of:

  • Event managers and coordinators
  • Photographers and videographers
  • Models
  • Emcees and DJs
  • Team leaders
  • Product samplers
  • Food and beverage staff
  • Technical support staff
  • Much more

They are on the floor explaining your brand’s key value proposition face-to-face with attendees. We prepare our team months prior to any event or trade show, and learn everything there is to know about your brand so that we can speak about it with confidence and genuine enthusiasm.

National Ice Cream Day and Ben & Jerry’s Take Downtown Toronto

National Ice Cream Day and Ben & Jerry’s Take Downtown Toronto

This past July 21, 2019, Canada celebrated National Ice Cream Day. A genius marketing strategy, National Ice Cream Day gives brands the opportunity to really hone in on their products and services, and market it to a vast audience by devoting an entire summer day to ice cream.

Longtime industry leaders Ben & Jerry’s teamed up with the online food delivery service SkipTheDishes on the big day to promote Ben & Jerry’s delicious and refreshing product. The business giants hired a large team of brand ambassadors and set up a pop-up ice cream shop in the heart of downtown Toronto on Queen Street West.

Brand ambassadors facilitated the event by setting up and operating the pop-up shop and handing out coupons for a free scoop of ice cream. They dominated the busy Toronto neighbourhood and passed out the coupons to lucky pedestrians walking in the area. As they approached the potential customers they let them know exactly what the event was for and even gave a brief description of the different flavours to try.

Even if the passersby weren’t interested in tasting the free treat right away, the coupon had a discounted deal with SkipTheDishes so they could order the ice cream at a later, more convenient time.

The Ice Cream Day brand ambassadors created positive brand visibility for Ben & Jerry and SkipTheDishes to the people of downtown Toronto by providing a much-needed service (who doesn’t like ice cream on a hot afternoon)? Pedestrians aren’t likely to forget the event anytime soon.

They Humanize Your Product

People like to talk to people. Particularly in today’s world of quickly-accessible digital information, it’s far more memorable to communicate directly with another human being than an automated, prerecorded service.

Although organizations traditionally brand themselves through advertisements and logos, ambassadors emotionally engage your brand’s promise and they espouse the values that you promise to deliver to your customer. It’s in the very fabric of their personalities to want to solve problems, share information, and help others.

Our brand ambassadors at rmg are expert event managers to lead the team to success. We apply creative and interactive ideas to the marketing strategy that is guaranteed to entice attendees to your trade show display booth. They bring personality to any event.

Take a look at how Garnier Whole Blends has been utilizing the power of brand ambassadors to promote their product all over Toronto.

Garnier Whole Blends Toronto Pop-ups

To help drive brand awareness for its products and its natural ingredients, Garnier Whole Blends ran pop-ups in two Toronto malls and busy locations such as the Distillery District.

Brand ambassadors served drinks inspired by Whole Blends ingredients at an infusion pop-up bar and chatted with customers about the benefits of using natural hair and beauty products. The pop-ups offered holistic and personalized experiences, and it was the first time the brand ran this type of live, engaging activation.

As part of the activation, Whole Blends hosted a spa day contest to help collect participants’ emails and postal codes and have them opt into a brand newsletter. There was also an opportunity for people to promote the brand via social media by posting photos on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #WholeBlendsLounge.

For your next event consider hiring a team of professional booth staff. They will help you to achieve awareness and client loyalty because brand ambassadors embody the brand in a way that print advertisements and dry copy never could.

Spark curiosity in attendees with real human beings. They’ll bring charisma and personality to your brand unlike anything else.

― September 25, 2019



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