Maximize Your Trade Show Efforts Before and During the Event

Everyone knows that exhibiting at a tradeshow can bring a number of key benefits to your business. It enables you to meet directly with potential customers and also generate important leads. Through intelligent event marketing, you can significantly raise brand awareness, as these events are a perfect opportunity to enhance your company’s rep in the industry.   A strategically-designed custom booth paired with an interactive activation, are just a few of the ways to fully leverage your exhibit marketing ROI.

Trade shows also allow you to meet potential customers in person and build relationships with suppliers.

Here’s how to truly impress at any trade show or industry event.

Advertise Creatively

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Go big when you advertise — it will pay off in the long run. rmg is a top-tier event marketing company in Toronto that uses creative marketing as an effective tool in getting your brand noticed. Here are several guerilla marketing ideas you might consider to help get people talking about your brand:

  • Work out a deal with local bars and restaurants near the trade show space to feature custom, branded coasters.
  • Hire a gospel choir to sing your praises, or if your event is smaller, a simple DJ on the 1s and 2s functioning as a brand ambassador will do the trick.
  • Have a flash mob make an appearance or hire impromptu dancers decked out in your swag. This will create a lasting impression for show-goers.
  • Hire a hot dog or popcorn vendor to give out free food, with your custom paper holder to generate attention.

Meanwhile, pair a social media campaign, complete with live-tweeting during these marketing events —using social media and the event’s hashtag —letting attendees know how to locate your booth and draw more eyes to your marketing efforts.

At Reveal Marketing Group, we pride ourselves on bringing a fresh approach to industry-specific event management. As experiential marketers, we approach every project with attention to detail and a unique visionary perspective.

We understand that branded experiences help foster client loyalty and dramatically increase your ability to build networks and reach potential customers. We have experienced brand staff to help promote your brand, and also work with a bevy of talent, from team leaders, emcees, photographers, musicians, models, production assistants, and more.

We delve deeply into your business, crafting an enthusiastic and goal-oriented experience, bringing product knowledge and personality to generate genuine excitement for your brand.

Digital Signage Makes a Difference

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It’s hard to overstate the value of digital displays at a tradeshow. Everyone loves a custom physical booth, but creating video booths, iPad activities, and other interactive digital signage allows your space to stand out from the rest.

Incorporating interactive digital signage not only makes your booth unique, but it engages trade show attendees more than traditional print. It also attracts young professionals, is a greener marketing strategy, and can serve double duty as it not only attracts guests but also explains your products, services, or processes.

Interactive digital media displays are a great opportunity for brands to use their imagination, reach attendees, and boost booth traffic. Taking advantage of digital signage allows you to leverage your marketing ROI.

Consider the Benefits of VR

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Virtual reality was among the top trends in consumer marketing in 2017 and 2018. Google Cardboard, Facebook 360, and Samsung VR are using the latest digital technology to make it easier than ever for organizations to transform the trade show attendee experience.

VR is one of the best tools available to any business because it allows them to differentiate themselves from the competition. At any one industry event, there is going to be dozens of booths operated by rival companies that are going to offer products similar to yours. This means that attendees can be easily overwhelmed or distracted, overlooking the uniqueness of your brand.

Consider harnessing the power of VR to give your booth visitors a virtual tour of your facility, helping you better stand out.

Let’s say you run a craft brewery, and were showcasing new beers at an industry event. Likely, there are other breweries at the same event who are trying, like you, to win over the crowd. Everyone will be offering free samples, giving away swag, hosting raffles, and trying their best to explain the unique processes that set their brewery apart.

Now imagine that you can take them on an actual virtual reality tour of your brewery, showing trade show attendees your precise process, and taking them through every step of the brewing experience, from hops and barely farming to production at the brewery site.

Any trade show attendee who was given the opportunity to tour a virtual farm and production facility and then actually taste the fruits of that labour would be beyond impressed. rmg can harness virtual experiences like this one to help set businesses apart from the crowd, and leave a lasting impression on trade show attendees.

Our digital signage experts in Toronto can help you channel the power of LCD displays, VR, iPad app technology and more — making the most of your trade show efforts.

Apps Allow You to Collect Leads and Engage

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Our exhibitors and brand ambassadors also use a wide variety of software to collect leads, engage with visitors and at industry events, and then follow up with potential prospects. Smart tools can be used as a networking device, which will help attendees find the products or vendors they most want to see, schedule future meetings, and even continue the conversation well after the show has wrapped up.

By partnering with Reveal Marketing Group, you can utilize our digital software to boost brand awareness, and get your target audience discussing your brand across all channels. Partner with the right marketing group to empower brand associations before, during, and after your next industry event. Contact us anytime to learn more about our full-scale experiential marketing services!

― February 26, 2019



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