Marketing Experiences: How Digital Technology Amplifies Your Trade Show Display Booth

Planning for a trade show doesn’t take a month— in fact; it doesn’t even take two months. The reality is, it can take six months or even a year of planning to do it right. Trade show marketing requires a lot of patience and dedicated hard work, and with the amount of time and money you spend, you must make your trade show booth worth every penny.

This doesn’t mean that planning for your next trade show or event can’t be fun. It actually means that with some time and dedication, you can organize your best trade show booth to date.

It also means that you’re going to get more creative than you ever have before, by developing engaging experiences rather than traditional content marketing techniques into your strategy.

Leave your pull-up banners at home and incorporate digital technology such as interactive games or virtual reality (VR) into your display booth to really stand out from the rest of your competition.

To do all of this properly, you will need the expertise from an experiential marketing company with years of experience, such as Reveal Marketing Group (rmg).

We have a cross-functional team that ensures everything related to your successful trade show booth is looked after, and we specialize in turning ordinary situations into exceptional experiences. We work with clients all over Toronto and the GTA, Kitchener-Waterloo, and the surrounding areas.

Today’s marketing world is a lot different than it was even five years ago. People don’t care about traditional TV or radio commercials anymore — Netflix and other online streaming services have essentially deleted them from our daily lives — and in the internet age with Google and social media, answers to nearly anything can be solved within an instant.

Event marketing has taken a similar path because people have tired of traditional sales methods: a rehearsed two-minute pitch, dry facts and figures posted on a board. Nowadays, event attendees expect to be wowed at trade shows with engaging experiences and interactive technology.

Consider these two exciting examples of how brands utilized the power of experiential marketing with digital activation ideas to create unforgettable and participatory experiences as you plan for your Toronto or Kitchener—Waterloo event.

Experiential Marketing — what is it?

As it suggests in the title, the premise of experiential marketing is to create close bonds with consumers by immersing them in engaging and memorable experiences.

When a brand elicits positive emotions from consumers, they are more likely to associate those emotions with the brand. This encourages a stronger possibility of sales in the future and healthy brand loyalty.

According to research conducted by Marketing Week, 48% of people say they are more likely to buy a product if they can sample it first. Experiential marketing campaigns allow you to showcase your products and services to consumers using all of the senses, and customers can sample your products and services in a variety of creative ways.

Take a look at this incredibly immersive campaign from Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic: No Ordinary Park Bench

A couple of years ago, on an ordinary day in Manhattan, several lucky New Yorkers were treated to an unexpected afternoon of live entertainment, champagne, and a delicious lunch.

Pedestrians unable to resist an unusually comfortable-looking bench on a busy street were immediately greeted by Virgin Atlantic flight attendants with menus and a glass of bubbly.

The individuals were then given a digital in-flight entertainment system (a hand-held tablet) that did much more than display movie and menu options. People selected a film of their choosing by scrolling through titles and genres on the digital tablet. Then, a flash mob of actors would appear and perform scenes from the chosen movie before their very eyes.

Virgin Atlantic utilized digital technology to deeply immerse people in their brand. They created an experience that those individuals are likely never to forget by showcasing the brand’s commitment to customer service.

The lucky individuals held the digital tablet in their hands, feeling what it would be like to fly with Virgin and how choosing in-flight entertainment differs from other airlines.

If the idea of incorporating digital tablets that heighten customer service intrigues you, talk to our technology experts at rmg before your next event.

If you are considering exhibiting at a food event such as the Downtown Kitchener RibFest & Craft Beer Show, why not engage customers with digital menus?

We will bring your brand to life with exciting digital engagements; we’ll have attendees turning into leads in no time.

Adidas: TERREX VR Experience

Are you exhibiting at the Pro Supershow Expo this summer which will be full of sports enthusiasts? Consider how Adidas engaged users with a unique VR experience, meant to capture new customers and broaden their target audience.

In 2017, Adidas partnered with a tech marketing company to follow the journey of two mountain climbing athletes, which was sponsored by TERREX, a division of Adidas that specializes in outdoor climbing gear.

Using a VR headset and two sensory remote controls that were set up at various Adidas store locations, viewers could climb along with Ben Rueck and Delaney Miller (equipped in everything Adidas) as they scaled the Bavella mountain range in Corsica.

It was an unforgettable way to market the TERREX line from Adidas, and more importantly, the company introduced an activity to consumers. Suggest an interest in the experience first, and the product is suddenly much more appealing to the user.

At rmg, we provide top of the line VR services and we have creative technology experts who work hard to maximize your brand’s story through digital activations. If the Adidas VR example has inspired you, we can work with you today to create a similar experience at any trade show or event.

Today’s digital world brings so many exciting options to choose from when marketing a product or service. Experiential marketing techniques temporarily take people outside of the confines of their lives and bring them into the world of your brand. To attain a better sense of why it’s so important, be sure to read this case study from rmg.

There is no greater way to showcase your brand’s story and harness its power than with creating exciting, digital experiences. To learn more about digital technology and how rmg can make your next trade show the best one yet, give us a call today.

― June 3, 2019



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