Make the Most of Your Next Industry Event

Marketing at a tradeshow or industry event allows you to meet in person with potential customers and is a great way to begin building relationships. Tradeshows are also a fantastic place to meet with suppliers and to learn more about your competitors and their own marketing tactics; giving you valuable insight into how you can differentiate your company in a busy marketplace.

Finally, tradeshows are a great place to launch a new product or service. Being able to explain your brand’s key value proposition face to face personifies the brand. It also allows for live Q&A, and brand interaction through a variety of engagement strategies.

One way to engage with attendees is by means of meaningful interaction with digital signage and touch screens, allowing attendees a no-pressure, self serve opportunity to do a deeper dive into product details, enter a contest, watch product videos and more.  A well thought out digital strategy helps increase lead capture, educate attendees and builds overall brand power.

Successfully promoting your brand at a trade show is not a guarantee, and the process can be costly, so you need to be sure you partner with an experiential event marketing company like Reveal Marketing Group who understands how to maximize your ROI, pre, live and post-event.

The benefits of well-executed events include:

1. The Ability to Raise Awareness

Exhibiting your product or service at industry events is a fantastic way to generate brand awareness and raise the profile of your business.

2. The Ability to Build Your Database

Meeting attendees at an industry event allows you to build a marketing list and generate sales leads.

3. The Opportunity to Launch New Products

Trade shows make great venues for introducing a new product or service. Brand staff can answer questions and promote — creatively and energetically.

4. The Ability to Meet in Person

Being able to connect face-to-face with potential customers who attend a trade show and are attracted to your booth is a great way to begin building solid relationships.

In fact, when it comes to influencing a person’s decision, nothing competes with face-to-face interaction. It doesn’t matter whether you’re marketing your company’s service or selling a product, an in-person presentation combined with the right custom booth design will attract the attention of attendees.

When you follow this up with an in-person presentation by brand staff and short question-based conversations after your presentation, you can even close the deal on the spot.

Connect with Customers with the Right Trade Show Booth

At Reveal Marketing Group, we know that trade show booths function as a physical representation of your business in the event space.   This being the case, first impressions are critical — you have only seconds to grab the attention of attendees, and to incentivize them to come into your space. This is what makes having the right custom trade show booth so important — it is often the quickest and easiest way to communicate your brand and services to potential customers.

This is why your tradeshow booth needs to be both creative and professional, as anyone not initially impressed on first seeing what you have to offer will pass on to the next booth.

Think of the last industry event you attended — where most of the displays seemed cookie-cutter and looked more or less identical. Some likely had a table with a standard table cover. A few probably had a banner off to the side or maybe a video screen displaying a static brand logo.

But the booths that really stand out in your memory were the ones with incredible custom displays that had the attendees really talking. The companies that invested in a booth experience tailored to the attendee journey were the ones that truly stood out and had attendees more deeply engaged with the brand.

This is because an interesting booth is a great conversation starter, allowing you or your brand staff to engage with customers directly and answer questions they may have.

Because many customers will simply grab the free swag and move on, the right custom booth combined with engaging brand staff will keep attendees in place longer, which dramatically increases the chances that they will become genuinely interested in your product or service.

Whatever industry event you’re attending — from a food festival to an open house, from the smallest local home goods show to the massive E3 gaming convention — the best way to get noticed is to have the right custom booth.

You don’t need to give away hundreds of dollars in freebies or hire celebrity speakers — you just need to design your space with the attendee journey in mind, creating buzz and generating fun experiences for event goers.  Partner with Reveal Marketing Group to form a solid pre, live, and post-event marketing strategy, ensuring you get the most return on your investment.

Make Sure You’re a Crowd Stopper

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Humans have an 8 second attention span, so consider how much time each attendee will be spending with you before moving on and ensure the experience allows you to engage with and attract the right prospects. And remember, this can all be done in a 10-foot by 10-foot space or even smaller if you have the right plan and the right execution.

One of the best ways to do this is with touch screen digital displays.

Touch screens — such as our Monarch 4 Touch Screen Display — offer a customizable user experience that encourages attendees to engage with your brand directly, making ads interactive and communicative. Through touch screen signage, users can move directly to the products or services they are most interested in, without the need to watch an entire ad video.

If you’re looking for an experiential marketing company with full in-house capabilities that can offer customer service that goes above and beyond, and brings a marketing team that works collaboratively with your brand, learn more and get in touch with us to make your brand truly stand out at your next industry event.

The primary purpose of any industry event or trade show is to offer a variety of experiences that encourage attendees to interact with each other and your brand. With a well-designed custom trade show booth, some interactive digital and touch-screen displays, a few promotional items, and the right brand staff on hand, you can increase engagement and generate leads like never before.

― February 19, 2019



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