Make the Most of Your Mobile Wine Tasting Event

With summer approaching, we can finally shake off those winter blahs with friends and the outdoors. It is also the best time of year to sample Ontario’s delicious wines, with beautiful weather and outdoor festivals and events abounding.

If you plan on participating at a winery event this summer, you will want to exhibit the best that your brand has to offer through excellent customer service and unique marketing.

There are over 100 wineries in Ontario alone, so it is imperative to demonstrate a compelling and welcoming branding experience, to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

rmg specializes in event marketing, if you are looking for a winery event partner contact us today as our experts have years of experience. We know how to attract event attendees with precise marketing strategies based on your brand’s key messages and unique story.

Here are a few examples of how you can make the most of your outdoor mobile winery event, and how rmg can provide the event marketing solutions you need.

Knowledgeable, Charismatic Brand Ambassadors & Experiential Marketing

Wine tasting with friends at an outdoor event on a beautiful summer evening — sounds like a blessing. However, it can sound rather stressful if you are working behind the scenes.

If you are exhibiting at a winery event such as the Wine & Spirit Festival, representing your brand as effectively as possible is a priority, and that can feel difficult when event attendees have had a glass of wine — or three.

A brand ambassador is a highly trained, charismatic event marketing professional who engages with attendees face-to-face and via live demonstrations, generating excitement about your brand.

rmg has a large roster of smart serve certified brand ambassadors with plenty of experience in festivals where drinking plays a fundamental role. They can pass out product samples, engage with attendees through interactive games and contests, and they can also conduct live demonstrations to capture the attention of audience members to your display booth.

Our brand ambassadors can be:

  • Wine Industry Celebrities
  • Team Leaders
  • Emcees
  • DJs
  • Event Managers
  • Technical support staff
  • Samplers
  • Models
  • Photographers
  • Much more

At your mobile tasting event, brand staff engage with attendees and qualify leads for your business by delivering outstanding customer service.

Pop-up Tasting Bars

People at winery events presumably love to drink wine and to experience wine culture. What better way to capture these attendees than with a beautifully-designed pop-up wine bar?

rmg applies experiential marketing techniques to our event management strategies, so that audience members can attain an immersive sense of your brand’s key message.

Experiential marketing is an interactive way to engage with your target audience and create 3D life-size models of your brand, such as a pop-up bar.

Of course, mobile tasting bars are nothing new in the wine world, but it is how you facilitate your pop-up bar to grab the attention of attendees and how you stand out from the surrounding competition that makes all the difference.

Before we plan your marketing strategy, we sit down with you and listen to your story so that we can design the perfect solution that captures the essence of your brand.

At rmg we supply eye-catching portable outdoor tradeshow displays that are brand customized and equipped with everything from outdoor signage to high quality tents.

To make things even more experiential, take a look at what they do at the Rioja Wine Festival in Spain. Professionals fill barrels of grapes so that attendees can trample on them with their feet!

Attendees could even take a selfie while crushing those grapes and brand staff could encourage them to post it to social media using a customized hashtag — heightening brand recognition.

Maximize Customer Service with Personalized Mobile Apps

Your pop-up bar is complete, your brand staff is in place, and your product is ready to sell. So, how are you going to deliver your product to customers?

In a busy event space, it isn’t always as simple as a cash register with a couple of sales representatives.

You are going to need technology that provides fast transactions without any confusion. Developing a customized app that attendees can download to their mobile smartphones is an effective method to avoid any mishaps or delays when they make a purchase with you.

Big Red Liquors and “The Wine Hole”

Consider the American chain retailer Big Red Liquors. The chain developed a mobile smartphone app specifically for their mobile tasting pop-up to avoid long POS line-ups and increase brand loyalty.

Several times a month, Big Red Liquors’ wine expert hosts a mobile pop-up wine tasting event called “The Wine Hole,” featuring unique hand-selected wines and education sessions. To complement the event, the chain also created a mobile smartphone app with the same name.

Consumers are offered discounts on the selected wines for that day only, and the discounts can only be redeemed through their custom app.

In The Wine Hole app, the wines from the day’s pop-up are displayed and can be delivered to any of the Big Red locations. Alternatively, customers can pick up their purchase at a designated tent.

Big Red unveiled the Wine Hole mobile tasting pop-up and a smartphone app at their Annual Bourbon Expo at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in 2018. That weekend, 1,800 people downloaded their app, and one month later, Big Red saw total buyer conversion of 22%.

Contact Reveal Marketing Group today and talk to our technology experts to help you digitally organize inventory, collect customer data, and boost sales with intelligent smartphone software — no long line ups of weary attendees required.

Winery events are the quintessential summer activity — fun, relaxing, and a time to spend with friends and loved ones. Our experts at rmg are there for you at your upcoming event, boots on the ground, so you can feel confident and maybe even enjoy yourself a little.

― April 18, 2019



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