Give Your Audience Something to Remember with Experiential Marketing

To truly wow a crowd at a trade show or industry event, you must pay close attention to the execution of your visuals and exhibit display booth. There will be hundreds of event attendees at any given trade show.


What will entice them to want to stop and check out your booth? How will you stand out from the competing crowd?


Typically, vendors who exhibit at the same trade show offer similar products or services. How will you make your booth unique and the main attraction?


Work with an exhibit marketing company like Reveal Marketing Group (rmg). With over 25 years of experience, our team of experts helps you to develop a memorable experience and an everlasting impression that inspires your target and potential audiences.


We assist you in creating a unique, dynamic marketing event strategy that pushes retention, awareness, and conversation before, during, and after your event.


We believe that it takes a lot more than straightforward, traditional design to dazzle an audience. Nice signage and appealing hardware are important to a successful trade show display, but at rmg we go a little bit further. We give your audience experience.


Consider how we utilize unconventional event marketing methods to harness the power of your brand so you can make the most of your trade show experience.


We Increase Brand Visibility with Captivating and Engaging Design


Our expert team of creative designers will make your brand and its story come to life with compelling and unique exhibition booth design and audience engagement. When we tackle a project we always have a clear objective in mind.


We integrate interactive touchscreens and visually stunning digital signage such as custom kiosks and LCD video walls into your display booth to capture the attention of wandering event attendees.


Of course, the ultimate goal is to generate success, gain sales, and to qualify leads for your business. But we like to make it as interesting as possible in the process. We always take plenty of time to research the event and who to expect both as competing vendors and as attendees.


We base our marketing strategy not just on your incredible qualities and story, but also on what we’ll be up against.


At rmg, we provide the full turnkey solution. Some of our pre, live, and post services include:


Pre Services:


  • Logistics and Admin
  • Research and Logistics
  • Creative Design
  • Project Management
  • Production
  • Installation and Dismantle


Live Services:


  • Technical support
  • Digital engagements
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Lead retrieval


Post Services:


  • Quality control
  • Lead delivery
  • ROI measurement


We execute these services with efficiency because we put our heart and soul into everything we do.


In order to build your best exhibit booth, we utilize stunning digital signage and interactive technology such as Virtual Reality (VR).


The Power of Virtual Reality in Event Marketing


To truly stand out from the crowd at a trade show or industry event, you’ll want to engage with event attendees as much as possible. These days marketing focuses on creating compelling experiences that will leave a long-lasting impression on participating attendees.


It is more effective to demonstrate to someone how beneficial a product or service is by actually showing them the product or service, rather than having the person watch a commercial or read an article about it.


People want to feel, see, and understand why they should purchase something.


When you deliver solutions such as an engaging pop-up shop or bar, enthusiastic brand ambassadors handing out product samples, or live, digital activation that immerses attendees within your brand, you’ll have a much better chance at securing sales and leads than if you simply pass out informational brochures.


Take a look at these examples of trade show booth designs and consider how VR can enhance your brand’s reputation.


VR marketing enables brand owners to put their brand image closer to the eyes and thoughts of consumers. VR offers an immersive experience that allows individuals to connect with products in an innovative and unique way. It is predicted that by 2020 the number of VR headsets sold will reach 82 million in the United States alone.


People are drawn to captivating, interactive VR technology at events and trade shows. With the right VR marketing strategy, you will entice attendees to your exhibit booth and simultaneously increase your customer base.


People won’t forget you and they’ll want to know more about you.


Consider how the Japanese airline All Nippon Airways introduced their newly designed business class to the world using virtual reality.


All Nippon Airways: “The Room” Tour


To help market their 777-300ER cabins, a few years ago the airline worked with design agencies to create a virtual reality tour of “The Room,” Air Nippon Airway’s business class cabin.


The virtual experience was centred around the themes of work, meals, and relaxation, allowing the headset-wearers to order food, open and close cabin doors, change lighting conditions and enjoy an inflight movie.


The VR demonstration was introduced at industry events and trade shows and has made quite an impact on the marketing and airline industries.


This type of VR marketing is innovative and practical. Not everyone can take a plane journey to experience the new cabin elements. Letting users experience the new cabin elements and the business class feature of the seating through VR was effective, fast, and most importantly, memorable.


Give Your Audience an Experience


Are you wondering what is experiential marketing and how does it differ from traditional techniques? Experiential marketing is comprised of a variety of strategies that are geared toward immersing consumers within products or services by engaging them in creative and interesting ways.


The ultimate goal of experiential marketing is to help consumers form emotional, memorable connections with a brand to champion customer loyalty.


It takes more than just a creative idea to produce a good design. You need the tools and experience to execute an innovative and memorable experience.


rmg has everything you need to do just that. We will bring your brand to life with an interactive, experiential design. Event attendees will be so inspired by what they’ll see they won’t want to leave your booth!

― October 14, 2019



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