Generate Genuine Excitement with Brand Ambassadors

Human interaction is an essential component to living a happy, full life. Making connections with others and creating genuine relationships provides meaning and purpose to our otherwise often solitary lives.

People look for the same type of deep connection when making purchasing decisions. Consumers want to ensure that they subscribe loyalty to brands that are transparent, honest, and sincere. They want the opportunity to speak with real people directly — to ask questions and interact with brands on a personal level.

Exhibiting at trade shows and industry events gives you the opportunity to do just that. You’re able to speak with event attendees directly because you’re on the floor promoting your business’s products and services.

Yet, in order to do this as effectively as possible, you’re going to need some professional assistance. You’ll be busy with client meetings and finalizing sales with buyers. There might not be an opportunity for you to dedicate the necessary time to mingling with attendees at your exhibit display booth.

Reveal Marketing Group (rmg) is an event marketing company that has been serving Canada for over 25 years, and we believe what makes brands so unique and engaging are the stories behind them. Our brand ambassadors are event marketing professionals who tell your story at trade shows and events by interacting with attendees face-to-face and via live product and service demonstrations.

Our brand ambassadors are highly trained marketing experts and salespeople. Before your event, rmg ambassadors sit down with you to discuss everything about your brand from its origins and history to what your values and long-term goals are.

Once we have a solid understanding of what your objectives are, we plan an engaging marketing strategy that includes compelling audience participation and one-on-one interaction between ambassadors and event attendees.

The ultimate goal of a brand ambassador is to qualify leads and boost overall sales so that the only thing you’ll have to worry about is closing deals. We are one of the leading brand ambassador agencies in Vancouver and we pride ourselves on our charismatic and hardworking staff.

rmg brand ambassadors are:

  • Event managers
  • DJs
  • Emcees
  • Models
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Food & Beverage staff
  • Experience Architects
  • Much more

Discover how brand ambassadors make you stand out at any industry event or trade show, and consider the following examples of brand ambassadors in action.

They Create Cost-effective Marketing with High Returns

Brand ambassadors are very efficient in marketing and salespeople. You are guaranteed to have many new customers because of their natural, outgoing personalities and persuasive sales skills. The constant marketing voice of your brand ambassador will result in loyalty.

Our brand ambassadors will guarantee increased sales. Just their word of mouth and strong online presence is enough to do it.

They are such effective salespeople because they bring a genuine human element to your brand. Ambassadors are real people who, because of their deep research into your brand, passionately care about what you’re offering, and event attendees will want to learn more from them.

People have an easier time trusting other people that they can have a real conversation with over a faceless brand or even a company’s president or regular employee. It’s because there is less at stake for them, and there is more likely that they’ll be honest and provide validity.

When this sense of trust is built, attendees can ask questions and expect to receive sincere answers in reply. As conversations are started, engaged attendees quickly become qualified leads.

Consider how the Ottawa Tourism board captivated Torontonians with ice cream and ambassadors.

Ottawa Tourism is Anything but Vanilla

Contrast to popular opinion held by many Torontonians, Ottawa is a vibrant city full of diversity, and a wide variety of ice cream flavours other than plain old vanilla.

Brand ambassadors from Ottawa Tourism walked around downtown Toronto offering a large array of ice cream flavours to lucky pedestrians, and vanilla was nowhere to be found. The ambassadors personally handed out the tasty treat while promoting the unique and delicious flavours, all made by one of Ottawa’s most popular and innovative ice cream shops.

They helped boost awareness for the city and all that it has to offer. People were also encouraged to take photos and upload it to a customized Instagram account —increasing Ottawa Tourism’s brand awareness and overall customer base.

They will Increase Your Social Media Reach

Maintain an active online presence and increase engagement with brand ambassadors — it’s crucial to developing brand awareness and for cultivating a positive reputation. It’s important to spread the word about trade shows and events that you’re attending to increase the number of attendees at your exhibit booth.

Social platforms help you connect with your target audience, increase awareness about your brand, and boost leads and sales because you’re reaching such a wide audience.

Part of a brand ambassador’s job is to maintain a solid social media presence and to keep a large social network of industry experts, professionals, and influencers.

rmg ambassadors make social media a priority when devising your event marketing plan. They ensure to promote your brand and display booth before, during, and after any event.

An in-depth social media strategy is outlined weeks in advance, and the team develops customized hashtags and content to be delivered across an audience of integral individuals in the marketing industry that you will want at your booth.

Our social media strategy ambassadors use social media management platform tools to calculate social media measurements, so you can understand what strategies worked and which need improvement.

Westfield Mall New Zealand’s #TasteShopPlay

Last fall, Westfield Mall in Auckland, New Zealand approached promoting their new fall collections to social media by engaging directly with shoppers. Mall visitors could win a $200 shopping spree just by taking a selfie in a custom-designed photo booth that was facilitated by brand ambassadors.

Brand ambassadors encouraged the selfie-takers to upload their photos to the mall’s Instagram site using a customized hashtag to generate traffic and followers. Westfield Mall was able to strengthen brand awareness by interacting directly with customers in an entertaining manner, and by utilizing a hashtag designed specifically for the event that was shared across several networks.

rmg brand ambassadors apply similar tactics to any event marketing strategy. Our staff is trained on all social media platforms and can reach out to relevant and expansive networks.

To learn more about why rmg is the best brand ambassador company in Vancouver please browse our gallery for inspiration and further insight. We look forward to hearing from you!

― August 30, 2019



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