Festival Season 2019: Top Tips for Successful Festival Marketing

Everyone knows that the summer festival season is the best time to be in Toronto; the weather is warm, the days are long, and people come from all over the world to experience what our city has to offer in food, drink, and culture.

To celebrate our unique corner of the world and capture its dynamic essence, the city throws numerous festivals in this season, providing an excellent opportunity for you to exhibit your brand’s products and services.

Planning an exhibition at summer festivals can feel pretty overwhelming. From organizing display booth design to coordinating sophisticated lead retrieval, there is so much to take care of.

Summer festivals are generally held outside with many excited attendees and other exhibiting brands, and you will want to ensure that you stand out from your competitors.

rmg is an event marketing agency that provides solutions for all of your custom exhibit needs. With years of experience, we know how to execute personalized marketing strategies that work.

Before you start to plan for the festival season, follow our marketing tips to make the very most of your upcoming event.

Attract Attendees with an Eye-Catching Display Booth

The first step in planning your perfect trade show or festival exhibit booth is to conduct deep research into the event, ensuring that your booth conveys your brand’s quintessential nature and that you are targeting the right people.

So that we can create a custom exhibit for your needs, our experts sit down with you before any event to learn what your brand means to you. We also research the event to ensure that it will be a good fit and to avoid any unexpected on-site surprises.

rmg’s experts are known for strategically-designed custom booths equipped with vibrant details. You will dominate the competition as your brand comes to life with our professional touch. Our full-service solution encompasses everything from design, production and digital technology to event staffing.

We offer unique display booths that are guaranteed to attract attendees at any event — check this out for more inspiration and to see some rmg display booths in action.

rmg provides:

Pop-up Bars

This July, Toronto hosts the Toronto Festival of Beer. If you plan to showcase your brand at the Festival of Beer or a similar event, consider adding an enticing pop-up bar to your display booth.

rmg’s food and beverage staff are highly trained, Smart Serve-certified professionals. Our outstanding customer service transforms any situation into a fun, sales-oriented good time, but always with the intention of capturing leads at your booth.

A pop-up bar is an invitation for event attendees to sample your product and to generate interest in your brand among event attendees — which of course boosts sales.

For some inspiration for your upcoming wine or beer festival, consider the pop-up bar from the UK’s Camden Town Brewery.

Hello Leeds

England’s Camden Town Brewery launched a very special pop-up bar in Leeds last year, bringing its London-based beer to the north part of the country.

Appropriately titled “The Little Camden Beer Room,” the pop-up lasted for five days and gave Leeds residents the opportunity to experience the brewery’s finest ales in a small event space. It also offered potential attendees an interactive way to receive free event information —those interested could text “HELLO” to an advertised number and be placed on a mailing list.

This proactive method also gave Camden Town the opportunity to follow up post-event.

The experience was not only about drinking and was much more than simply a bar. Camden Town Brewery provided fun activities catered to their target audiences such as live comedy and music, and even free haircuts! Camden Town Brewery went above and beyond, turning their brand into an experience rather than just a product or service.

By offering outstanding customer service and compelling, unique activities, it is unlikely Leeds will forget Camden Town Brewery anytime soon.

Engage Attendees with Experiential Marketing

Attending a festival is an experience in itself, and attendees expect to be entertained and dazzled.

Experiential marketing is a technique that creates an emotional connection between brands and customers through engaging interaction. It brings your brand to life by stimulating all the human senses with participatory experiences.

As an experiential marketing company, we know how to harness the power of your brand and communicate your key messaging through compelling, immersive design, production, and emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Nothing provides immersive experience quite like VR, which has become one of the most booming global marketing trends.

  • By 2020, the economic impact of VR and AR is predicted to reach $29.5 billion.
  • By 2020, the number of VR headsets sold is predicted to reach 82 million — a 1,507% increase from 2017’s predicted totals.

VR is coming quickly, and you should consider implementing it into your experiential and event marketing plan.

The Boursin Sensorium

Are you thinking about exhibiting at one of Toronto’s many food festivals this summer, such as the much-anticipated Pizza Fest in July?

Consider this innovative VR idea from the French Gournay cheese brand Boursin.

To give customers a true sense of the Boursin brand, in 2015 Boursin created a VR experience in which individuals took a journey through a refrigerator to shed light on its product, food pairings, and recipe ideas.

This was part of a live marketing campaign to raise international awareness for the product. CGI animation and Oculus Rift VR headsets were combined with a fun soundtrack, moving chairs, cool air, scented fans and product samples.

Two months after the event, 98% of those surveyed remembered the experience, and 74% said that the event had made them more likely to consider the brand in the future.

VR is memorable because it is immersive and exciting. This festival season, consult with our technology experts to see how we can champion your brand with innovative and engaging digital technology.

Personalize Your Brand with Brand Ambassadors

At rmg, our brand ambassadors are our secret weapon. They are highly trained marketing professionals who make it their priority to secure sales for your brand by turning attendees at any event into leads.

Engaging with attendees one-on-one and via live demonstrations, brand ambassadors personify your brand while explaining your key value proposition.

Brand ambassadors can take on many roles, from a DJ, to an event manager, to food & beverage staff. Everybody an attendee meets at your booth is, ultimately, an ambassador of your brand.

Photo Booths

Are you thinking about exhibiting at Camp Wavelength, or any number of the summer music festivals Toronto hosts, and wondering how to promote your brand to a younger demographic at the big event?

Consider installing an interactive photo booth with creative props to your exhibit, where brand ambassadors can engage with event attendees.

Take a look at this unique example of a photo booth from PhotoBooths of SoCal.

While facilitating the photo booth, brand ambassadors can promote your product, hand out samples, and encourage attendees to post their photos to social media using customized hashtags, attracting more people to your booth.

This festival season, consider these tactics before implementing your marketing strategy to your event. Our experts at rmg are there for you with boots on the ground at any festival. We can’t wait to get started!

― May 15, 2019



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