Experiential Marketing: Turning your Event or Retail Space into an Unforgettable Experience

In today’s marketing economy, an experience is not a vague construct, it is as real as offering any product or service. Consumers want to be dazzled by your product; they want to experience how it could impact their life before they purchase it.

Experiential marketing is a strategy that markets a product or service through tangible, memorable, and inclusive experiences. Audiences are invited to participate in demonstrations directly or through integrated technology so that they can touch and view your product or service in a physical space in real time.

Inserting your product or service at the core of people’s lives and conversations is why experiential marketing is so effective. It uses our senses and our ability to connect to create powerful relationships with brands.

As an experiential marketing company, our experts here at Reveal Marketing Group (rmg) know how to get your brand noticed through memorable, holistic experiences and how to engage and entice fans and create true brand loyalists. Our full-service experiential solution encompasses: design, digital technology, event staff, production, and more.

We also know that experiential marketing adds value to your retail space or your presence at an industry event because it is the best way to reach consumers and event attendees in a captivating and emotional way, by creating experiences that they will want to be a part of.

In fact, according to our recent event attendee survey, 65% of brands say that their event and experiential programs are directly related to sales, and 74% of event attendees say that they have a more positive opinion about the company, brand, product or service after an event!

Let’s look at how experiential marketing can benefit your upcoming industry event as well as your retail space.

The Industry Event

At industry events, there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of companies exhibiting with the exact same intention as you: to attract event attendees to your booth and to secure sales. How then, do you stand out from the crowd? How do you generate intrigue from event goers?

Face-to-face Interactions and Brand Ambassadors

Our research shows that 45% of attendees said face-to-face interactions were more valuable now than in 2015. Captivating audiences with approachable brand staff is a crucial component to your experiential marketing strategy, and rmg provides a team of professional and experienced brand ambassadors to help bring attention to your brand at any type of event.

Brand ambassadors are charismatic, approachable event marketing professionals who are there to educate attendees about your brand or service through demonstrations and one-on-one discussions.

rmg’s high performing brand ambassador team are event management and sales experts, and are on the floor to qualify leads, so all you have to think about is sealing those deals.

Participatory Demonstrations

Attendee participation and hands-on demonstrations produce highly memorable experiences for participants, and the likelihood of product interest or sales increases greatly because they highlight the benefits of your product or service in a direct way. Games, photo booths, and other kinds of engaging activities can really help people connect with your brand especially when they associate a memorable experience with your product or service.


In fact, 80% of attendees believe that free samples, as well as live demonstrations and activities, significantly define their purchasing decision. This goes to show that when you engage your attendees with the right brand staff for your event and create a fun, immersive environment, your sales increase and the event-goer leaves happy.

Taking the Immersive Environment to the Next Level

Nothing is stopping you from creating an experience somewhere near the vicinity of where the event is taking place. After all, 75% of companies say they expect an ROI of more than 5:1 for live event and experiential programs.

A separate event or party outside of the event hall enables you to produce something extraordinary and memorable. Celebrating your brand exclusively strengthens your brand’s personality and generates leads and sales, making you the hottest ticket at the event.

What We Offer

We focus on communicating your key message through our immersive and compelling environments. Here are some services we provide to draw in your target audience, enabling your brand to dominate the competition at your upcoming event:

Pre-Event Services

  • Research & Design
  • Project Management
  • Logistics & Admin
  • Installation
  • Event Marketing/ Engagement Strategy
  • Much more

Live Services

  • Technical support
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Digital Engagements
  • Lead Retrieval
  • Activation/ Experiences
  • Live Secure Transactions

Post-Event Services

  • ROI Measurement
  • Quality Control
  • Lead Delivery

Your Social Media Reach Strengthens

Your social media reach also grows with experiential marketing. In our recent survey, about 34% of consumers said they would make a post about an experience on social media.

When our team of experienced brand ambassadors are working at your events, there is a constant flow of customized social posts with appropriate hashtags, all to generate buzz about your brand and event, and to gain more followers and possible attendees.

Here is an example of experiential marketing in action:

Refinery29’s 29 Rooms

Each year, the lifestyle brand Refinery29 brings artists and sponsors together to fill—you guessed it—29 separate rooms that are individually curated and branded by artists and sponsors, and attendees experience something new in each one.

One year, Casper® Mattresses built an entire room at the Refinery29 event out of fluffy pillows called the “cozy room,” and attendees were encouraged to engage with the product by jumping into the room of dreamy pillows as if they were big, cumulus clouds. You can’t get much more interactive than that.

When your brand is demonstrated in such a unique and hands-on way, it gives you a great opportunity to facilitate even further interactive experiential marketing tactics like photo booths and games.

These activities are an effective way to attract attendees to your brand and to qualify leads. Attendees leave with a fun memory and will want to learn more about you.

Initially, the Refinery29 experiential marketing event was part of New York Fashion Week, and it has since taken over cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles. We can help you put Toronto on the map with your own version of a hands-on experiential marketing experience.

Experiential and Retail Marketing

Experiential marketing is not only limited to the trade show floor — in fact, there are many exciting and innovative ways to incorporate the rmg experience into your retail space as well. At rmg, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop turnkey retail marketing company and we produce unique, visually captivating solutions that are compliant with any retail space.

Our survey states that 70% of users become regular customers after attending experimental marketing events. A memorable, pleasant experience is much more than a simple financial exchange between the customer and your sales team.

Interactive & Enticing Displays

Customer experience is our top priority, and we customize our products to not only suit your company’s needs, but to ensure your customer takes away a memorable experience after being immersed in your retail space.

brand ambassadors

98% of users feel more inclined to purchase a product or service after attending an activation, and you’re going to need the right displays on hand to make sure your company and your product are seen and heard, and we have everything that you’ll need at rmg to do just that.

At rmg we add innovation to your retail space and turn customers’ regular transactions into engaging experiences with customized products like captivating wall murals, digital signage, interactive POP displays, and more.

Our products demonstrate your brand’s story, and our intention is to foster brand loyalty and to keep you on top of your competition.

Captivating Digital Technology

Retailers increasingly incorporate digital customization into their customer’s shopping experience.

Downloadable apps and in-store Artificial Technology direct consumers to choose curated and personalized items from your store.

Below is an example of digital technology and experiential marketing operating together in the retail space.

Rebecca Minkoff’s “Save Your Fitting Room Session”

Traditional marketing strategies have relied on analytical and quantitative methods focused on product features and benefits, and while those are still valid, our ever-changing retail industry is entering a new era that is mostly driven by customer experience.

At the Rebecca Minkoff flagship store, customers can engage with digital display technology through interactive screens to select items that were tried on in-store and then save those items to their mobile devices to purchase later on. Items can be purchased directly through their smartphones, or customers can call the store to have the items prepared for pick-up.

Because of this interactive technology, the company has seen a 6-7 time increase in their ready-to-wear sales within the first five to six months. This immersive shopping experience empowers the customer and generates brand loyalty, and the experience is easy and convenient.

Our technology and digital signage experts at rmg would be more than happy to discuss experiential marketing and digital technology with you, and you can even check out our interactive displays while you think about how we can build upon your existing customer engagement strategy.

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming industry event or looking to update your retail marketing strategy, rmg produces memorable, engaging experiences by communicating your brand’s story effectively and innovatively.

― March 16, 2019



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