How Experiential Marketing Helps You Stand Out from the Crowd

One of the most important functions of any event is to connect with the audience and to ensure your brand resonates with attendees long after they’ve left the floor — especially in a city like Toronto, where people have so many exciting events each year vying for their attention.

While unique and fun trade show giveaways are always a great way to generate interest in your brand, these days the actual experience of an event often influences marketability more than the items attendees leave with.

At rmg, we ensure that every event is memorable and that each experience we provide for attendees aligns with your brand. We set up calls to action that are memorable, goal-oriented and results-driven, and we focus on drive interactions that happen before, during, and after each event.

To make the most of any event in and around Toronto, we recommend you use a combination of engaging event staff, intelligent display aesthetics, and dedicated networking. If you’re looking to make a huge splash at your next event, here are 3 ways you can boost your presence and establish your brand as one worth paying attention to.

#1 – Invest in Event Staff

Event staff can help you make connections before, during, and after events. To make the most of your sales presence, you’ll need to make sure everyone is aware of your presence at all times. Our event staff here at rmg will spend weeks getting to know your brand in order to best help you succeed on the trade show floor.

Our experts will create a good deal of content leading up to the event, including an email blast, a newsletter update, blog posts, and social media updates all pertaining to the event and your brand.

At the event, our brand ambassadors and event staff will draw attendees to your custom booth through experiential activations and qualify leads so that you can close sales on-site.

When looking to staff your event in Toronto you need to understand your attendees and connect with them on an emotional level. If you’re trying to market your brand at Toronto’s Fan Expo, for example, which features the Master of Cosplay Grand Prix as well as a Walk-On Costume contest, why not invest in a team of event staff dressed as superheroes?

When you work with a professional experiential marketing company, you gain access to our large pool of brand ambassadors. These charismatic, experienced people will generate true excitement for your brand and the product or service you’re looking to sell. Our team works with clearly defined milestones and a very specific plan which helps them engage with attendees genuinely.

Our event staff are comprised of:

  • Production assistants
  • Event management experts
  • Emcees
  • Experienced architects
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Food & beverage staff
  • Technical support staff
  • and more

We conduct in-depth training with our event staff team prior to every industry event, ensuring that our team can speak with intelligence and personality about your product or service.

After the event, our team collates all of the attendee information into a marketing database, forming a list that will help you generate future sales leads.

#2 – Invest in a Consistent Display Aesthetic

It’s key to make sure that your display efforts align with your brand at every moment. If you’re exhibiting at an event like Willie Nelson’s Outlaw Music Festival, you’ll want your marketing — all of your marketing — to be on-brand.

For anything country, consider using authentic wood signs with some wear and tear on them, and make sure your brand staff, as well as your brand ambassadors, dress the part. Explore our site and learn how to elevate your event with brand ambassadors who truly embrace the event experience!

When it comes to signs Toronto has a lot of distractions to compete with, but when your brand is consistent and eye-catching, people will notice. Be sure to choose signage and brand staff attire that matches the identity of the industry event you’re at, and always keep function in mind.

What job should your custom trade booth and signage be doing? Signage and booth displays can be directional, pointing your audience to your event or to an important location; they can be informational, getting a message about your brand or event across; or they can be persuasive, getting your audience to engage. Everything about your signage and booth, including design, colour and size, should be fitted to achieve your function.

Make sure you do your research when it comes to outdoor displays. Where is your signage or custom display going to be located? Signage meant to engage trade show attendees walking around a conference centre will have different needs than one designed to attract passersby on a sidewalk or people at a festival.

#3 – Network Properly

First and foremost, you will want to refine your 30-second elevator pitch. At any event, you really only have about half a minute before you lose the attention of the attendee you’re speaking with. This is why it’s crucial to perfect your pitch before you step foot on the trade room floor.

An effective elevator pitch includes not only a short description of your product or service, but it should also detail how it helps the individual or the business you’re pitching to. Your pitch needs to be both engaging and relevant to the needs of your target audience.

Depending on the size and nature of the event, you’ll also want to book a speaking slot when possible. Since the goal of any vendor at a trade show or industry event is to stand out among the competition, the best way to do this is by securing the opportunity to literally speak out to the crowd.

There are a number of different stunts and tricks to draw attention to yourself, but often the simplest tactics are best. Standing on a stage and communicating to attendees on a topic that is interesting and relevant to them will establish you as a leader within the industry while also positively pushing your brand.

While securing a speaking slot will cost money, the investment pays off because you will be building direct brand awareness, and giving attendees a face and voice that they can attach to what you’re selling.

The purpose of exhibiting at any event is to show attendees and even your competition that investment in your brand is a positive step. It is difficult to determine the ROI of event exhibiting, and you’re never quite sure if you’ll leave the event with a closed sale under your belt. Check this out for more inspiration on how the experts here at Reveal Marketing Group can make your next Toronto event exhibition stand out with charismatic and talented event staff, a creative and consistent display aesthetic, and intelligent networking strategies.

Do this, and you increase your chances of successfully exhibiting at your next event dramatically.

― June 10, 2019



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