Experiential Marketing: Connecting with Your Audience

There are many advantages to exhibiting at trade shows and industry events, from reaching out directly to your target audience to having the opportunity to generate lead potential.

People who attend specific trade shows and events are likely there because they have an interest in what products and services are available for purchase, or they want to learn more about what is offered.

One of the greatest benefits to exhibiting at a trade show or event is face-to-face interaction. Nothing can compete with influencing a decision quite like it, and when you merge this style of intimate interaction with engaging experiential marketing techniques, your display booth will attract event attendees from all corners of the event venue.

Experiential marketing focuses on creating memorable experiences rather than on traditional content marketing strategies. The idea is to immerse your audience in your brand, using the human senses such as touch, taste, or smell.

People pay more attention to experiential marketing than traditional because print advertising doesn’t have the instrumentality that it once had. People want to feel connected, and that they are part of something.

It is easy to feel lost in today’s digital world, where anything from banking to dating can be facilitated online, and answers to almost any question can be found on Google or social media.

A bond is formed between a brand and its audience when experiential marketing techniques are activated in a way that demonstrates how crucial the relationship between brand and consumer is; engaging activities such as participatory games or contests, product sampling, utilizing friendly, knowledgeable brand ambassadors who truly believe in your product — these are all elements that will draw event attendees to your display booth, and will also create a long-lasting impression.

rmg is an event marketing company that specializes in experiential marketing. We focus on harnessing the power of your brand through recognition and clear personification, and we instill creative and compelling techniques to capture the attention of attendees.

With years of experience, our team provides pre, live, and post services to any event. Long before your event, we sit down with you to learn all about your brand and its values, so that we can effectively communicate your brand’s key message.

If you are in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, you might be exhibiting at one of the many exciting events there. From the Manufacturing Trade Show taking place in Cambridge to the Kitchener-Waterloo Wedding Expo, there is an event for everyone in Southern Ontario this summer.

Consider these experiential marketing campaigns before you tackle your event marketing strategy for an upcoming event — they might inspire you to try something different!

Brand Ambassadors — Google: Pay with a Photo Campaign

Nothing says connection quite like human face-to-face interaction. When a consumer connects with a brand via a real person, a bond is formed which creates trust and it adds value to the brand.

You can define all the great qualities of your brand and your demographics on paper, but ensuring that your values permeate throughout everything you do — not just what you say — is crucial.

A friendly and knowledgeable staff of brand ambassadors is integral to a successful display booth because attendees want to talk to an actual person, and they will want to place a face to the brand.

rmg is your brand ambassador marketing company with an enthusiastic and professional team of brand staff. They are strategic event management planners who interact one-on-one with event attendees and are a key component to experiential marketing.

Because of their natural charisma, friendly personalities, and marketing backgrounds, they create branded experiences that help build networks and foster client loyalty.

rmg’s brand ambassadors can be anything from:

  • Team leaders
  • DJs
  • Emcees
  • Product samplers
  • Photographers & videographers
  • Production assistants
  • Food & beverage staff
  • And much more

Read how Google’s brand ambassadors facilitated one of the company’s most memorable experiential campaigns.

Google’s “Pay for Snacks” Campaign

Google’s “Pay for Snacks” Campaign

To promote its new photo app a couple of years ago, Google installed food trucks in four American cities.

Distributing irresistible snacks such as waffles, cupcakes, and ice cream, residents were challenged to beat a mechanized clock by locating a photo that falls under a popular Google search category such as “dog” or “boat” on their phone to highlight its smart search feature.

People who successfully found a photo matching the term before the clock stopped could “pay” for the food item by showing the appropriate image, and those who didn’t beat the clock received a smaller version of the winning food prize.

The idea was to demonstrate how much easier it is to find photos using the Google app, and by reaching out to a whole new audience, they managed to increase their brand awareness all over the United States and to non-Google phone users.

Brand ambassadors administered the entire thing, from operating the giant clock to distributing food. Enthusiastic and approachable, Google’s brand ambassadors successfully engaged with individuals both familiar and unfamiliar with the product.

The campaign earned 40 million media impressions worldwide and even won the 2016 EX Award for Best Guerrilla — Street Marketing.

If Google’s compelling campaign has triggered a creative idea for your upcoming event, consider hiring our highly trained and experienced brand ambassadors.

They carry out all of your marketing needs, and use their naturally alluring personalities to engage with attendees, easily turning them into leads.

Interactive Digital Technology — TOMS’ Virtual Giving Trip

To heighten your brand’s presence at trade shows and events, and to provide unique immersive experiences for attendees, incorporate interactive digital technology into your display booth.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are technologies that are rapidly increasing in popularity among event marketers. By 2020, the economic impact of VR and AR is estimated to reach $29.5 billion. Also by 2020, the number of VR headsets sold is predicted to reach $82 million.

If you haven’t already, adding VR and AR to your marketing channels is something you should definitely consider for upcoming industry events.

Consider how the shoe brand TOMS did exactly this with their Experience Giving campaign a couple of years ago.

TOMS: Experience Giving

The shoe brand TOMS is well known for donating a pair of shoes to a child in need every time a customer buys their own pair.

To show customers exactly where their money is going, the company set up VR headsets at a number of their stores across the US that brought customers straight to a school in a small village in Peru using VR technology.

TOMS successfully enhanced its relationship with customers by creating an intimate and emotional experience, utilizing the power of digital technology.

Customers left the demonstration with healthy feelings about TOMS, because the brand focused on its charitable qualities and immersed users in a unique, unforgettable experience that triggered a positive emotional response.

rmg’s digital experts love to work on VR and AR projects. We will captivate audiences at your next trade show with creative and immersive technology, and through excellent design and strategy, our digital experiences will make a long-lasting impression on attendees.

If you’re exhibiting at an upcoming trade show or industry event in Kitchener-Waterloo this summer, give rmg a call. We ensure your brand’s unique story is communicated through innovative exhibit display, and our full-service solution encompasses: design, production, digital technology and event staff!

To learn how you can dominate your competition at any event click here to learn more and to read about one of our recent success stories.

― June 17, 2019



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