Enhance Brand Awareness with an Event Marketing Company

It’s a competitive world out there, and as a business owner, you need to seize every opportunity to build relationships and generate revenue from all angles. Your brand’s reputation is everything, and its power is only harnessed through recognition and clear personification.


The contemporary consumer expects more than a simple marketing pitch when they’re evaluating purchasing decisions or how they identify with a brand. When people invest in something they want to be impressed and to trust that they’re getting their money’s worth.


The promotional trend these days is to deeply engage audiences with your brand by utilizing the power of tools such as experiential and event marketing in Toronto and the GTA. More and more businesses are facilitating live, engaging events to develop a rapport with existing and potential customers.


Experiential marketing is a technique that gives you the opportunity to share all of the incredible qualities of your brand with others in real-time. It will ultimately lead to brand loyalty because its engaging methods draw in audiences and increase your customer base. The goal is to create lasting impressions on consumers.


It’s not about advertising a product or service, rather, you’re inviting consumers to feel and see what their lives would be like with what you have to offer so that they can make a thoughtful decision before committing to a purchase.


You’re creating an association between your brand and the positive vibes that go along with it.


Reveal Marketing Group (rmg) is an event marketing company with over 40 years of experience. It’s a full-service marketing and design house with a sincere approach to creating captivating communications designed to inspire and to engage.


An expert in experiential marketing, Reveal Marketing Group is your go-to for exhibit asset management, staging, installation, dismantle, digital signage, and so much more.


Do you have a special opening or a party coming up at your restaurant? Or perhaps you plan to administer an exclusive pop-up at your store? Consider the benefits of hiring a professional event marketing company to help enhance your brand’s image and its already incredible assets.


Event Marketing Companies Humanize Your Brand


The most important aspect to remember is to hire the best brand staff for your event. They become the face of your brand and ultimately they are what generate sales and leads, as well as building up brand loyalty and your reputation.


Always work with professional brand ambassadors. Despite the number of events you’ve thrown in the past or how much experience you have as a business owner, it never hurts to take on an additional set of experts on board to optimize your brand and the event itself.


At rmg, our brand ambassadors are event managers with experience. With charismatic personalities and outstanding sales skills, they are the key to successful, engaging event marketing.


We believe that human experience is the most important component in building relationships with potential customers and existing ones. The truth is people like people.


Isn’t it so much easier to speak with a real person over the phone as opposed to pressing endless digits just to reach a pre-recorded robotic voice?


Even in today’s digital world, we still crave human interaction. Our brand ambassadors provide exactly this. We hire individuals who are not only professional marketers and event planners, but who we feel exude confidence and magnetic appeal.


When we work with you, our brand ambassadors will sit down and learn everything there is to know about you months in advance of the event. That way, they will be able to speak to your brand’s values, history, products and services with certainty and assurance.


Our brand ambassadors provide crucial solutions by engaging with people directly. They can be anything from:


  • Bilingual Team Leaders
  • Emcees
  • DJs
  • Event Planners
  • Product Samplers
  • Experience Architects
  • Food & Beverage Staff
  • Technical Support Staff
  • Much more


Shoppers Drug Mart’s The Beauty Project

Enhance Brand Awareness with an Event Marketing Company

Recently, Shoppers Drug Mart launched an experiential pop-up shop called The Beauty Project in downtown Toronto. Enthusiastic brand ambassadors greeted pedestrians as they walked by an otherwise nondescript building on Queen Street West.


Once inside, guests were offered beauty treatments by a “glam team” of brand ambassadors who provided a fragrance experience with various perfumes to try, a nail station, and more.


The idea was to demonstrate Shoppers Drug Mart’s active interest in providing new makeup and skin looks to a wide audience. The glam team connected with individuals by demonstrating the necessity of Shoppers Drug Mart’s products and services by showing the benefits first hand.


It was an immersive experience and could only be executed by real, sincere individuals.


You’ll Stand Out From the Crowd


Regardless of the event, you’ll want people to walk away from it feeling energized and happy that they came. Having the right people working at your event is of course absolutely crucial, but don’t forget about visuals and the structure of the event’s design plan.


At rmg, we are experts at event design in Toronto and know how to get you noticed. We like to work from the inside out when we approach event design. We listen to your story and pay attention to the unique details of what matters to you, what your values are, and what you’re looking to achieve.


We take event design very seriously and provide a full-service solution to suit your needs. We communicate your message through visual design, production, digital technology, and brand staff.


Event marketing is all about the experience. It is not a successful campaign unless an audience has been properly engaged with your brand. People should want to know more about you, and they should remember you for a long time to come after an event.


We utilize the power of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to engage event attendees with your trade show display. Completely interactive, VR and AR are digital methods to immerse individuals with your story.


Test Drive with Volvo


Consider how Volvo initiates VR into their marketing strategy.


Without a dealership nearby, VR is the next best way to test-drive a car. Partnering with Google Cardboard, Volvo provides a downloadable app to customers with the opportunity to drive a new car without physically being inside of one.


It’s a wonderful marketing move because it has put Volvo on the map for creating something innovative and accessible. Customers take away an exciting experience that they will associate with the brand for a long time to come.


To learn more about event marketing contact rmg today and speak with one of our experts. Nothing makes us happier than satisfied clients. With our years of experience, we know how to bring your brand’s message to life with engaging and visually stunning marketing.


Make a lasting impression. No matter what the event, we’ve got you covered.

― October 7, 2019



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