Enhance Your Outdoor Festival Presence this Year with Brand Ambassadors

Whether you’re hosting a special event such as a food or music festival or attending a trade show, the right signage and the right brand staff are imperative to your success. Professionally-designed, eye-catching, and street-facing signage speaks volumes about your brand, and when you’re hosting a special event, whether it’s a trade show, festival, or grand opening, the right brand ambassadors can help you turn attendees into leads.

Before you invest in outdoor festival displays or other types of outdoor signage, there are a few things you should consider about your brand, your needs, and your message — and what other marketing you can bring to help you capitalize on quality displays.

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#1 Big Festivals Need Eye-Catching Marketing

Whether you want to make a splash at the Tastemaker (formerly Taste of Toronto) or exhibit at one of Toronto’s most historic exhibitions, the EX, you’re going to need to have the right displays and the right brand staff on hand to make sure your company and your product are seen and heard.

Make sure the space where you set up offers clear sightlines of your display and make sure it’s a space where your brand ambassadors can move and interact freely. Outdoor events and festivals can sometimes mean jockeying for position, so make sure your team can move around!

#2 Stay Consistent

Your branding materials should be consistent with your overall marketing strategy, not just for the event alone.  Your brand’s power is only harnessed thru recognition and clear personification. The smallest details such as your choice of colour, font, and messaging all identify your brand. Recognition is power, especially when event attendees have already engaged or interacted with your brand and have developed an affinity for it.

#3 Be Aware of Regulations

Most sidewalks in Toronto do allow you to use A-frame sandwich boards directly in front of a business, but other regulations may apply to large-scale event and festival displays and signage. Do your research to make the most of outdoor displays for your next festival.

#4 Proofread Everything – At Least Twice

Few things can interfere with your messaging on swag, pamphlets or signage more than a mistake. Make sure more than one person proofreads all outdoor signage messaging before you sign off on it. Grammatical and spelling mistakes undermine your message, professionalism, and brand.

#5 Embrace Your Brand Personality

Is your brand reflected in everything that you do? No detail is too small to include as part of your brand’s personality. Every sign, label, even name tag should reflect what you’re about.

#6 Don’t Forget About the Weather

Outdoor displays need to stand up to the weather. Whether it’s rain, a wind storm, or snow like the city has seen in recent months, our carefully selected outdoor custom display products hold up to the elements.

trade show toronto

Many of our displays use high-impact polyester, and you can find signage products with rotating bases, so your message gets out no matter which way the wind is blowing. Anything you show off outdoors to a festival crowd must be built for the environment, or it can wind up a disaster.

To see how we can help you with your needs, check out some past displays we’ve done for clients. In addition to outdoor signage, we can complete your trade show or exhibition booth with hardware such as digital signage, custom kiosks, interactive touch-screen technology, and LCD video walls.

Signage alone is no longer enough, and you’ll need a whole team of savvy brand ambassadors to back up your display, but well-designed, durable, eye-catching signage remains an essential component of outdoor marketing.

For more insights into how your display should support the efforts of your brand ambassadors in Toronto at its many outdoor festivals and events, check out some of our past work and see what our satisfied list of past clients has to say.

Reveal Marketing Group (rmg) provides more than just trade show displays. We are an experiential marketing company that can provide the complete turnkey solution.  Be it festival participation, events, or exhibition experiences – we ensure your brand stays ahead of the competition and won’t easily be forgotten. We’ve worked with clients like Toronto Pearson Airport, Ace Bakery, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Rogers. You can hear what past clients have to say on our Testimonials page.

When you’re planning a trade show, consider partnering with an experiential marketing company that puts boots on the ground. rmg partners your company with brand staff who are specialized in engaging attendees and getting your brand message across. Brand staff are brand ambassadors who take the lead in communicating your brand’s message and personality.

Working with digital technology, outdoor signage, and other brand ambassadors — such as musicians, performers, and even chefs — brand staff implement our live-event marketing strategy on the ground, the day-of. They’re crucial to meeting your goals, engaging attendees, and making sure that the event is a success from start to finish.

trade show toronto

We help you refine your goals and implement your strategy. We can help you design a custom booth or attendee experience and every detail that comes along with it. Our marketing and creative teams collaborate on a strategy that includes research into the competition and winning solutions. With in-house digital design, rmg can guarantee a custom, branded experience that engages your target audience and leaves a positive lasting impression.

Create opportunities that go the extra mile and continue to engage after the event. Experiential marketing allows you to give festival or event attendees something to remember, which affords you the opportunity to follow up after the event and turn an impressed event attendee into a lead, and then turn that lead into a sale.

Incredible festivals, trade shows, events, and exhibitions are a unique opportunity to generate leads and create lasting engagement. It all starts by getting the attention of attendees and having a winning team to represent your brand.

― February 5, 2019



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