How to Elevate Your Next Trade Show and Stand Out from the Crowd

With the rise of social media and online marketing, many companies tend to forget about the power of traditional marketing – especially when it comes to event marketing. Event marketing allows you to present your company, product, service, and brand at industry events, giving you to the opportunity to wow your prospective customers with a stunning custom display and a compelling team of brand staff.

Tradeshows and events allow any business to improve sales and build relationships not only with potential customers but also with suppliers. If you’re looking to make the most of your exhibit marketing, our experts here at Reveal Marketing Group

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Be Prepared

Preparing for your event does not have to be difficult and time-consuming. By partnering with a marketing company that truly takes the time to understand your business — particularly your key event objectives — you will experience the peace of mind knowing your event will be executed flawlessly.

Our cross-functional team of specialists will ensure everything is looked after, no matter where your event is, whether it’s a small intimate industry event or a large metropolitan trade show convention – we’ve got this.

The first and most important part of your Toronto tradeshow marketing effort is the preparation. Are you looking to exhibit at the Toronto Boat Show or EGLX? With the right experiential marketing partner, you will be able to hit the ground running at any tradeshow or industry event with the help of an incredible team of brand staff and the most eye-catching portable displays in Toronto to help maximize your ROI.

At Reveal Marketing Group, we offer our business partners the right physical marketing and an on-the-ground team of brand ambassadors to help you shine. We can provide

  • Custom tradeshow displays
  • Touch screens/Interactive digital displays
  • Table Covers
  • Literature Stands
  • Poster Frames
  • Tablet Stands
  • Tents
  • Portable trade show displays
  • And much more

The key thing to remember is that your booth needs to be noticeable if you want to generate buzz and attract attendees. Consider what you’re spending on custom displays an investment in your brand that you can use over and over again by making adjustments to the displays between events.  If you are looking for a portable display, ideal for reps who are setting up on their own, check out our huge selection of products available.

Be Adaptable

Adaptability is key to creating multi-faceted displays on a limited budget. Adaptable, modular product displays incorporate blocks to be built out in different configurations much like Lego blocks. Whether you need podiums, digital screen holders, or walls and partitions, you can use adaptable display pieces to look different at each and every new venue or event.

Displays are only one part of the equation, however, and to maximize the visibility of your brand, you’re going to need the full marketing package. At Reveal Marketing Group, we offer businesses a number of key services in addition to the physical display materials. 

Attendees Love Photo Ops

trade show toronto

Make your booth stand out with a photo op wall. One of the easiest ways to draw people’s attention and to bring more attendees to your booth is to provide a unique photo opportunity. With so many trade show attendees just waiting for the next photo op, all it takes is a bold backdrop combined with a compelling hashtag and soon you’ll have a number of eager attendees taking selfies right at your booth.

Attendees and exhibitors love photo ops because it gives them the opportunity to share photos with friends or to post on their own company’s social media — each of which is an opportunity for free branding for your business, so make sure your photo op is branded for maximum marketability.

We also offer a state-of-the-art custom photo/video booth designs, complete with audio and lighting which allows attendees to take and share their photos or videos right on the spot, while capturing their contact information in our lead capture software.

Use Calls-to-Action

You should also ensure that all of your marketing materials have a clear call to action. By prompting attendees to complete a certain action, such as signing up for a free product trial, or even visiting a dedicated targeting landing page on your site, you can build a database and nurture your networking efforts after the event wraps up.

Work with Brand Staff

Why not work with trained professionals who specialize in maximizing marketability at trade shows and other events?

Your employees may be subject matter experts when it comes to the nitty-gritty of your brand, but they may not always be the best salespeople. Our team of brand staff and brand ambassadors aren’t afraid to approach potential customers because they talk to strangers on a daily basis – it’s part of their job!

Our experienced event staff are hand-selected to represent your brand.  Each of them has been working events for years and are skilled in the art of engagement. Approachable, outgoing, organized, and detail driven, our team is ready to promote your brand at every opportunity.

Our tradeshow event staff and brand ambassadors will entice guests into your event space, have them engaging with your booth, and will strike up valuable conversations to build relationships and increase your networking database. The event staff provided by Reveal Marketing Group will keep your booth full of guests eager to learn more about what you’re selling.

As mentioned earlier, it’s not inexpensive to exhibit at a trade show. Therefore, the last thing you want is your booth to be a dead zone! Brand ambassadors are a key component in keeping your space busy, capturing leads and educating attendees about your products and services.  This frees up your subject matter experts to focus on the more complex questions and handing more promising leads being handed off by the Ambassador, after being qualified.

Become an industry leader with trained and charismatic brand staff representing your brand!

Due to the high demand of our event staff and brand ambassadors, it’s best to let us know 2 to 3 weeks prior to your event. This way, we will have ample time to hand-select and educate a team about your company’s key value proposition, ensuring that our staff are ready to bring your company the best possible event marketing experience that delivers tangible results.

Don’t wait! Get in touch with us today to learn more about how to get the most out of your next event.

― February 12, 2019



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