Digital Technology: Taking Your Event to the Next Level

It goes without saying that digital marketing is integral to successful business of any kind. At one point in time, when digital marketing first came onto the scene, it was enough to simply open a website and call it a day.

Of course, in today’s digitally saturated world there are far more options to optimize your brand and bring it to life with technologies of all kinds. Digital technology is a powerful tool to utilize at industry events and trade shows.

Event attendees are used to seeing traditional trade show display booths: the typical pull-up banners, the vinyl backdrop. Although these items are still critical to a display booth, to make a sincere impact on attendees and grab their attention, you must put forth a little more effort and creativity.

Reveal Marketing Group (rmg) is an event marketing company with over 25 years of experience. We provide digital technology solutions to your entire event marketing needs, and we recognize the importance of applying digital technology into your brand’s marketing plan.

We know how to cultivate a loyal audience with digital technology and how to get you noticed at events. We learn all about you and your brand so that we can execute a unique strategy that captures your brand’s essence. Our staff will sit down with you months prior to the event and learn everything about you, from how you started to what your values and goals are. We like to work from the inside-out and we apply compassion and drive to everything that we do.

We believe that engaging and visually stunning digital technology is the secret to a successful display booth, regardless of what the event may be.

Consider how these digital technology examples will benefit you and how you can increase your brand awareness and generate genuine loyalty.

Open Possibilities with Virtual Reality

Digital Technology: Taking Your Event to the Next Level

Virtual Reality (VR) has been developing for years and is only now becoming mainstream. Smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung are getting on-board — they bundled their Galaxy S7 with their Gear VR headset and Google’s Cardboard for a mere ten dollars, making the virtual world more accessible than ever.

VR isn’t as far-fetched as it once seemed and is always welcomed by attendees at trade shows and events. People are no longer accustomed to being fed dry information by someone on a podium or by reading pages and pages of text in a brochure.

People want to experience brands. They want to touch, feel, taste, and even smell products and services before they make a purchase. They want interaction, and to walk away with a true sense of what your brand is all about. Our world is full of immediate access to so much information because of social media and the internet — marketing is no different.

VR makes it possible for users to engage with interactive technology directly and immerse them in a branded, customized world.

Marriott International’s Virtual Event Planning

In addition to hotel services, the hotel group Marriott International provides venues for corporate and social events. In order to make life as easy as possible for event organizers, Marriott International utilizes the power and convenience of VR.

The event organizers and customers can see how their event could look beforehand with a VR powered headset. Users get a realistic idea of what to expect with 360-degree, 3D views of custom-designed room set-ups, making event-planning easy and exciting.

The hotel group offers a unique experience to its customers, and the activity will stand out in people’s memories, fostering brand loyalty.

A virtual experience such as this one can be applied to your event marketing plan. Has this idea sparked an idea for your own brand? Our digital experts at rmg can’t wait to put it into action.

Capture People’s Attention with the Power of Visuals

As people walk through the venue space and there are dozens — and often hundreds — of competing display booths, you must ensure that your booth entices and captivates the attention of attendees.

Interactive technology engages individuals on a physical and tactile level. And with stunning visuals on top of that, you will deeply captivate and engage attendees. Install an LCD video wall to display eye-catching content.

An LCD video wall offers you the flexibility to create dynamic digital displays to stand out from the crowd at any industry event or trade show. They use less power than an LED screen, provide a bright display with excellent contrast, and they offer a unique design potential that can integrate smoothly into any exhibit construction.

A vivid, seamless image, the LCD video wall is low maintenance, and cost-effective. Consider adding one to your upcoming exhibit to attract attendees and take their breath away.

Take a look at these examples of LCD video walls in action.

Create Convenience with Custom Kiosks

Custom Kiosks

For an additional interactive experience, install custom-designed kiosks into your display booth. Touchscreen kiosks offer attendees the opportunity to learn more about you by scrolling through interactive pages of information on their own time and leisure.

Often consumers prefer to shop and peruse on their own time, without a salesperson breathing down their neck. A beautifully-designed kiosk with a digital screen showing interesting content such as images, movies, and music allows attendees to do exactly that.

rmg provides exceptional kiosks of all shapes and sizes, and our design team can facilitate a customized kiosk to match your brand’s story and goals. With a sleek design and top-notch technology, it’s a great addition to any display booth.

We also design interactive retail kiosks with fully-equipped POS systems. Our retail kiosks are customizable and we build them to spec for both retail and exhibit use.

To amp up your trade show or industry event display booth, administer the power of digital technology. You’ll impress attendees with dazzling visuals. You’ll engage them with exciting, interactive virtual reality. And you’ll captivate them with accessible, sophisticated touchscreen technology, all the while conveying your unique story and brand personality.

At rmg we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to engage with audiences digitally and otherwise. When you’re preparing for industry events, what kind of digital technologies are you looking for?

Let us know because we want to hear from you so that we can deliver the absolute best event marketing solutions and live up to our promise to inspire and create memorable, compelling environments.

― September 11, 2019



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