Custom Trade Show Displays & Brand Ambassadors Are a One-Two Punch

Trade shows offer considerable benefits to businesses of any shape and size, and exhibiting your brand at such an event offers exposure to a large cross section of potential leads and gives you the ability to interact with them personally.

Trade shows offer an experience for both your brand and the attendees you want to reach that other forms of marketing simply can’t.

You might want to consider exhibiting at a trade show if you:

  • Have available funds to cover attendance and display costs
  • Have established ahead of time how many prospects, leads, and potential clients you’ll need in order to guarantee a return on your investment
  • Plan to team up with an experiential marketing company to help better market your brand

If you’ve checked the above boxes, then exhibiting might be exactly what your brand needs. Here are 3 key benefits to marketing at an upcoming trade show.

No Better Lead Generation Potential

When it comes down to brass tacks, there is simply no bigger opportunity to generate new leads than on a trade show floor. Major trade shows have giant followings and attendance is often through the roof. Each attendee at an industry event is also a potential lead simply waiting to be captured.

Asking potential leads for their contact information during a presentation and pocketing a business card has worked as a marketing strategy in the past, but if you really want to get fresh leads into your sales pipeline, the best way to market to trade show attendees is with custom exhibit design and display booth marketing services to help draw attention to your brand.

The average attendee comes to an event ready to buy, but who gets their business depends on who captures their interest, and nothing does that better than an engaging, custom tradeshow booth and brand ambassadors who can draw attention to that booth.

According to our recent survey, 65% of brands report that their experiential event initiatives are tied directly to their sales, while 74% of trade show attendees say that they come out of trade show events with a more positive opinion about the companies, brands, products, and services they’ve just encountered.

The right experiential marketing company, like Reveal Marketing Group, goes the extra mile to help you get your brand on an event-goer’s radar through holistic experiences that engage with and wow attendees and convert them into brand loyalists. Our full-service company brings expertise in:

  • digital technology
  • custom booth design
  • trade show booth furniture rental
  • brand staff
  • brand ambassadors such as Emcees, DJs, musicians, and even chefs
  • and much, much more.

Once your unique trade show display booth and engaging brand staff have helped qualify Andy and Alice Attendee into qualified leads, you have the opportunity to contact them after your presentation. And remember to follow up while the event is still fresh in their minds.

Trade Shows = Direct Sales Opportunities

Most trade shows, industry events, and conventions target a specific niche market. By researching conventions that cater to your industry and exhibiting at the trade shows within it, you are far more likely to achieve exposure to an audience that already has an interest in the services or products you’re selling and will often come ready to buy.

So be sure to always have something to sell at a tradeshow, as you may not have another chance to deal with such an interested and engaged buyer.

Trade Shows Are Cost-Effective

Renting space on the convention floor, travelling to and from the venue, and investing in a well-made and vibrant custom tradeshow display can seem like quite the investment for a single marketing opportunity, but if you’ve done your preshow due diligence, the potential that any industry event offers your brand will far exceed the investment cost.

If you really want to capitalize on your tradeshow costs, be sure to partner with an experiential marketer that brings more than just a pop-up stand. Our experts here at rmg will work with you weeks in advance so that we fully understand your brand and deliver on your unique value proposition before, during, and after the event.

Our brand staff bring charisma, know-how, and a deep understanding of why your brand and excel at transferring that knowledge and energy directly to trade show attendees, converting them immediately into qualified leads.

While the initial investment of exhibiting at a trade show can be higher than other forms of advertising, the cost of converting a prospect directly into a sale is often much lower due to the sheer number of leads in attendance. Click here to see how a full-service experiential marketing company can help you maximize your ROI and turn event-goers into real leads.

With the right experiential marketing team behind you, attendees will be clamouring to find you — and not the other way around.

So, once you’ve decided that you need to attend Pack-EX or the Toronto Boat Show to market your brand, you’ll need to think about how to do so effectively, as not all marketing strategies are created equal.

Custom Display Booths Personalize your Brand

The importance of having a winning trade booth cannot be overstated, and any expert will tell you that the trade show display is any vendor’s calling card. It is often the first impression made on an attendee, and because first impressions are everything at a tradeshow, having the right booth is the difference between qualifying leads and walking away from the event empty-handed.

Customization allows you to showcase the personality behind your brand, and at Reveal Marketing Group, we provide a myriad of display options that we will help you customize, creating a memorable trade show experience attendees won’t ever forget.

Remember that your booth needs to stand out from among dozens and possibly hundreds of other exhibitors. This is why you need to find an experiential marketing company that doesn’t just help you design a killer display booth but also populates your space with engaging brand staff and brand ambassadors to entice attendees to check out what you’re offering.

Brand Ambassadors Bring Attention to Your Booth

Charismatic, knowledgeable, and engaged brand ambassadors (from emcees and DJs to chefs and dance crews) are able to hold the interest of trade show attendees because they make these people feel important, and give them a reason to approach your booth and ask questions directly. This creates a pipeline of qualified leads that simply cannot be matched with traditional forms of marketing.

Brand ambassadors not only offer trade show attendees a taste of what you’re offering but can also maximize your social media channels to draw people to your booth from across an event floor. The right experiential marketing company can also help you sort through the leads you’ve generated after the event and help you follow up, turning those leads into sales.

If you’ve made the decision to exhibit at a trade show, combining a memorable custom display booth with engaging brand ambassadors to woo the crowd will help you generate leads better than you could have imagined.

― May 5, 2019



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