Build Brand Awareness with Event Marketing and Brand Ambassadors

When you offer transparency and honesty to your target audience, you create trust and value. To truly connect with audiences, you have to be willing to go that extra mile and tell your business’s story effectively so that it’s genuine and relatable.

In today’s digital world, it becomes easier to do this with social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram, and through online blogs and message boards.

Creating an online presence with integrity is crucial to the development of your story and to the expansion of your company’s awareness and loyalty.

Another critical component to establishing a presence on all fronts is to exhibit at industry events and trade shows. These events give you the opportunity to showcase your true power to a group of people who are already a qualified part of your target audience, or are likely targets since they’ve decided to attend a trade show or event relevant to your industry.

There are several methods you can utilize to create a compelling exhibit booth in order to bring your story to life. These could include digital signage or interactive touch screens that invite event attendees to learn about your company by scrolling through images and text, or a custom-designed booth with illustrative banners to demonstrate your products and services.

All of these are integral assets to a successful exhibit display booth. However, if you truly want to harness the power of your business, your most powerful tool is a team of brand ambassadors.

Brand ambassadors are event marketing professionals hired by a brand ambassador agency in Canada — such as Reveal Marketing Group (rmg). They are naturally charismatic individuals who are excellent salespeople.

rmg’s ambassadors partner with you at events and trade shows to bring personality to your exhibit booth by closely interacting with event attendees, engaging in face-to-face conversations, and conducting live demonstrations and activations.

Depending on what kind of event you’re showing at this summer (and there are so many to choose from in Kitchener-Waterloo this summer) rmg ambassadors can be:

  • Food & Beverage staff
  • DJs
  • Emcees
  • Event managers & planners
  • Production assistants
  • Product samplers
  • Models
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • And much more

Consider why hiring a team of professional rmg ambassadors provides clear recognition and personification to your business. We’re certain you won’t face a trade show on your own ever again.

Brand Ambassadors are Authentic

People crave authenticity in everything we do. From friendships to recipe ingredients, we want to know that what we’re dealing with is dependable and trusted.

When it comes to business, there is nothing more valuable than transparency. Professional ambassadors add a layer of sincerity to your business when you exhibit at trade shows and events.

Their naturally enticing personalities compel attendees to come to check out your booth, and they’ll want to stay because of how informative and charismatic your team is.

Before any event, our ambassadors immerse themselves in your company, learning everything from your history to your values and goals. They promote your brand authentically because of how well they know it, and because they are excited to describe it to others.

Professional ambassadors are trained to have an empathetic understanding of customer experience. They get to know their businesses. They make customers laugh and they always deliver. They create a human connection that brings your products and services to life.

Glenfiddich Whisky’s Ambassador Program

The Scottish whisky company Glenfiddich has taken brand ambassadors to an entirely new level. A few years back, they started a program to train individuals to become Glenfiddich ambassadors.

These individuals are generally already working in the drink industry, and are always passionate about whisky.

The company brings people from all over the world to their distillery to give them a first-hand education in how the whisky is created and distributed, giving the ambassadors an incredible emotional connection to the company.

The ambassadors run events throughout the year to educate others about the company, with 100 team members worldwide. The ambassadors’ engagement with the Glenfiddich-loving public is authentic and localized for each country’s market, always ensuring consistency in the company’s values.

If you would like to initiate a similar program of your own, rmg’s team of high performing and engaging brand ambassadors are eager to discover everything about you in order to promote you as effectively as possible.

Brand Ambassadors Affect Your Bottom Line

As well as providing authenticity and human quality to your marketing campaigns, there are also financial benefits to hiring brand ambassador teams at events and trade shows.

The goal for any professional ambassador is to turn event attendees into leads. They’re naturally friendly and experienced marketers, and the human quality that they bring to your exhibit booth is what makes them excellent salespeople.

Forming connections with event attendees via face-to-face interaction and performing live demonstrations of products and services builds trust. The advantage to exhibiting at an industry event or trade show is that attendees have a pre-existing interest in products and services being sold, and professional ambassadors can speak to them directly on the floor.

Creating a more informal and friendly environment helps to initiate sales because attendees feel less intimidated. People prefer to buy from people they trust and who genuinely care about products or services.

JetBlue’s Icebreaker Challenge

Consider how American airline JetBlue’s ambassadors used interactive participation to engage pedestrians on the streets of New York to raise awareness for the company and, ultimately, increase sales.

In the dead of winter of 2016, JetBlue promoted their new direct flights from New York, New York to Palm Springs, California by taking to the streets and engaging directly with pedestrians.

Prizes were moulded into blocks of ice, and participants were encouraged by professional ambassadors to pick away at the ice using any tools they had available in order to gain what was frozen within. They were also told that there was one lucky ticket to California buried inside.

A full social media campaign was executed in tandem with the experiential strategy and the result was incredible online buzz and awareness for JetBlue.

Ultimately, the company’s successful brand ambassador campaign expanded their target audience and generated sales.

If JetBlue’s challenge has inspired you to take on your own interactive activation, get in touch with us today to learn more. rmg’s professional ambassadors are highly trained marketing professionals who are ready to take on any challenge.

Brand ambassadors add value to any industry event. They’ll reach out to a wide audience using exceptional marketing and communications skills, and they’ll boost your sales numbers with their genuine relatability and authenticity.

― July 25, 2019



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