Bring Your Retail Space to Life with Experiential Marketing

Consumer attitudes and behaviours are not the same as they once were. We’re in an age where the customer experience is the most valuable and integral aspect of any marketing plan. Currently, consumers are more empowered than ever before because of real-time online access to information about products and services.

Consumers are more interested in experiencing brands directly and in a tangible manner where they can touch, smell, and feel products and services before purchasing them. These days, immersive experiences using the senses and having a meaningful connection with a brand are the most crucial factors that people consider before making a purchase.

A branded experience is a type of experiential marketing. Experiential marketing is a strategy geared towards immersing customers with products and services by engaging them in as many ways as possible. It helps customers form memorable, emotional connections with a brand to foster customer loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.

Audiences are invited to participate in demonstrations directly or through integrated technology so that they can touch and view products or services in a physical space in real-time.

Inserting your brand at the core of people’s lives and conversations is why experiential marketing is so effective. It uses our senses, our emotions, and our ability to connect to create powerful consumer relationships.

As a digital retail marketing company that specializes in experiential marketing, our experts at Reveal Marketing Group (rmg) know how to get your brand noticed and how to engage and entice an audience through memorable, integrated experiences.

Our full-service experiential solution encompasses design, digital technology, event staff, production, and more. We provide experiential marketing solutions everywhere from the Kitchener-Waterloo region all the way to the beautiful city of Montréal, Québec.

We believe that experiential marketing adds value to your retail space or your presence at an industry event or trade show. You can transform a seemingly ordinary trade show display booth or retail space into an engaging and unforgettable experience just by thinking a little outside of the traditional marketing box and with some creativity and audience participation.

If you’re ready to take your retail space to the next level, or if there is an upcoming trade show where you want to knock your competing vendors out of the water with innovative retail marketing tactics as part of your display booth, take a look at these engaging and beneficial experiential retail marketing techniques.

Experiencing the Retail Space

The retail space is incredibly important to your brand’s reputation. It conveys your story, your aesthetic, and most importantly, it’s the showcase for your products and services.

We are proud to be a one-stop turnkey retail display manufacturer. The retail marketing services by RMG are always topnotch and we apply customer engagement in all of our retail marketing strategies.

We provide:

  • Wall murals
  • Retail kiosks
  • Merchandiser or in-store signage
  • Digital signage
  • POP display
  • Interactive technology such as touchscreens and iPads
  • Much, much more

Interactive and Captivating Displays

We want your customers to walk away from your retail space feeling positive, appreciated, and connected to your brand. Your retail space is an opportunity for you to convey your brand’s story and a chance for customers to discover why your products and services are so vital to their lifestyles and consumer habits.

We conducted an event attendee survey recently, and 98% of attendees reported to feel more inclined to purchase a product or service after attending a product or service activation. This means that you’re going to need the right displays on hand to make sure your products and services are seen and heard, and we have everything that you’ll need at rmg to do just that.

To turn customer transactions into memorable experiences, enhance your retail space with quality products such as digital signage and interactive touchscreens.

Consumers are online shopping more than ever — it’s quick, convenient, and extremely efficient. Making transactions in a store can feel significantly more vexing by comparison. Lining up to purchase items and sorting through large selections of products can be exhausting and feel like a waste of time.

An interactive touchscreen kiosk gives customers the same fast level of convenient service that is found in an online shopping site.

A freestanding or wall-mounted touchscreen allows customers to access information about your products and services. They can browse through your online catalogue, make debit or credit transactions, and even place an order if you don’t have the product they want in stock.

Transactions can be made quickly and customers can learn more about you by using touchscreen kiosks. They provide incredible customer service.

McDonald’s Touchscreen Ordering Kiosks

If you’ve been in a McDonald’s restaurant lately, you will have noticed the large, interactive menu touchscreens. Customers can browse through the digital menu at their leisure and engage with McDonald’s products. It is also reported that customers buy more items at touchscreens, since they are given an unlimited time to dwell and peruse options.

Dazzling Digital Technology

Businesses are increasingly incorporating digital customization into their customers’ shopping experiences.

Downloadable apps and in-store Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology direct consumers to choose curated and personalized items from your store.

Sephora Colour IQ

The global beauty and skincare company Sephora is using AI technology to help shoppers choose makeup products that perfectly match their skin tone.

Sephora employees are equipped with a handheld device that, when held directly to a customer’s face, scans the surface, capturing a person’s exact skin tone and matching it with combinations of letters and numbers from an existing “shade library” of foundations and concealers.

An engaging method to educate people about products, the Sephora Colour IQ increases brand loyalty since customers will want to purchase the same, perfectly-matched products again in the future.

If you’re interested in integrating similar AI technology into your retail marketing plan, speak to our experts at rmg digital today. We bring your brand to life and unite it with your target audience through amazing environments and digital engagements.

To get a first-hand look at what we offer you should read what our clients say about RMG —you won’t be disappointed with what you see!

Let your retail space and display booth professionally represent your brand, not only visually but more importantly in communicating your key messaging through interactive and engaging marketing techniques.

Incorporate our experiential methods into your retail marketing plan — your customers and attendees will never want to leave!

― August 17, 2019



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