Why Your Brand Needs Experiential Marketing

To experience is to directly observe or participate in events. To experience something, you have to truly engage with it in order to understand it.

For an audience to gain a genuinely deep understanding of your brand and how it can improve their lives, you need to deliver a branded experience that they won’t forget.

Experiential marketing is a technique that has risen in popularity over the last decade, particularly at events and trade shows. It’s geared toward immersing customers in a business by engaging them with your products and services in as many ways as possible.

When companies utilize this strategy, they help customers form memorable and emotional connections to foster customer loyalty.

With so many exciting festivals, trade shows, and events taking place this summer in Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto, you’re going to want to get out there and showcase your expertise to as many people as possible.

Experiential marketing techniques distinguish you from the crowd of competing vendors and create a memorable experience for your audience.

Consider these examples of how audience engagement made an impact on brands. Perhaps you’ll find some creative inspiration for your upcoming summer events!

Be Innovative with Audience Participation

When exhibiting at trade shows and events, engaging with event attendees is an essential asset of your exhibit booth’s overall appeal.

Reveal Marketing Group (rmg) is an event marketing company that utilizes experiential marketing as a unique and memorable way to engage with event attendees and promote your business.

The first thing that attendees notice as they pass by you is your exhibit booth. rmg is known for creating eye-catching custom trade show displays in Toronto and the Kitchener-Waterloo area. We incorporate innovative promotional tactics that help you get noticed.

Sonic’s Instagram Milkshakes

Reveal Marketing Group is an exhibit marketing company that specializes in experiential marketing techniques. Call us today to learn more information!

Consider how the American fast-food chain Sonic applied experiential marketing and audience participation to its exhibit booth at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2016.

Knowing full well that, as millennials, attendees would want to take photos of everything at the festival and post to social media, Sonic took the opportunity to introduce their new premium milkshakes and increase their social media awareness.

Attendees could create their own milkshakes with customized ingredients, but they weren’t your typical milkshakes. The “milkshakes” were actually deconstructed so that all of the ingredients were square and the milkshake itself came in the form of an edible square box — all to fit Instagram’s square camera frame perfectly.

This campaign introduced a new product to customers in a much more memorable manner than that of a standard advertisement. Attendees were able to touch products with their hands, take photos of the product, and sample it.

Because the campaign cleverly associated the product to Instagram and social media, Sonic’s social engagement also increased, as it earned over 11,000 followers and generated 26,000 likes.

Building a creative and custom trade show booth is what rmg does best. Are you exhibiting at one of the many food and beverage festivals in Kitchener-Waterloo or Toronto this summer, such as the Downtown Kitchener Ribfest and Craft Beer Show? Let us know, and we’ll customize a booth for you that is so inviting, attendees won’t want to leave.

Generate Customer Loyalty with Brand Ambassadors

As a first-rate exhibit marketing company based in Toronto we pull tools from all of our marketing resources. With over 40 years of experience, we consider ourselves experts in event marketing and experiential tactics.

Our team of professional brand ambassadors is what sets us apart from other companies. Brand ambassadors create an engaging and unbeatable experience.

They bring a level of transparency and humanity to your exhibit booth by interacting with attendees face-to-face and via live demonstrations and activations.

Professional ambassadors are excellent salespeople and are naturally charismatic. Their ultimate goal is to turn attendees into qualified leads.

Brand ambassadors are event marketing professionals who can take on the role of:

  • Emcee
  • DJ
  • Production Assistant
  • Food & Beverage Staff
  • Technical support
  • Photographer & Videographer
  • And much more

As event managers, they will facilitate any activity that necessitates audience participation at your exhibit booth.

Kohl’s Cash Wheel

Kohl’s Cash Wheel

Consider how professional ambassadors for the American department store Kohl’s applied experiential marketing techniques to engage with event attendees at the POPSUGAR Play/Ground festival for women last year.

Playing off of the iconic “Showcase Showdown” from the gameshow The Price is Right, the department store created a Kohl’s cash wheel in their exhibit booth. Attendees had the opportunity to spin the wheel and win up to $200 in store gift cards.

Professional ambassadors encouraged nearly 10,000 attendees to spin the wheel. The event was tailored to Kohl’s millennial target audience, providing them with a positive, long-lasting, and memorable experience that they will associate with Kohl’s.

The experience increased brand awareness and loyalty, and with the prized gift cards, attendees were given an incentive to visit a Kohl’s location following the event.

If you’d like to boost your audience participation at your upcoming event, hire our team of professional ambassadors. They’ll take care of all of the details, so you can sit back and watch as your brand’s loyalty — and sales — increase.

Capture Attendees’ Attention with Digital Signage

Heighten your brand’s experiential marketing campaign with digital signage for trade shows and interactive technology. At rmg digital, we unite businesses with their target audience through innovative environments and digital engagements.

We’re storytellers and will bring your message to life. Through the power of digital technology, we provide an experience that’s meaningful and straightforward, while creating lasting impressions that matter.

We invite attendees to engage with your brand utilizing virtual reality (VR), engaging photo booths, and through interactive, digital signage.

You can open up a world of creativity with enticing signage. With eye-catching, interactive techniques, your target audience will expand in no time.

FENTY’S New York Pop-up

Last month the beauty and fashion company FENTY opened an immersive pop-up shop in downtown Manhattan. The company, headed by superstar Rihanna, always prioritizes uniqueness over following ordinary trends.

For the recent pop-up, FENTY installed giant mirrors on the outside of the pop-up shop, so that New York pedestrians and fans could see themselves as they walked by the shop. “FENTY” was written in huge letters across the mirrors, encouraging people to see themselves as part of the brand.

Although the mirrors were not entirely digitized, there was a powerful message executed within the signage. It was creative, innovative, and completely immersive.

Our digital experts can create something similar to FENTY’S mirrored image, and more. If you have ideas about how you’d like to raise your brand awareness with inventive signage call us for more information today.

To make the most of your upcoming industry event or trade show, why not work with trained professionals who specialize in maximizing marketability at trade shows and other events? If you’re thinking about incorporating experiential tactics into your event marketing strategy, rmg has you covered.

― July 31, 2019



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