Brand Ambassadors: The Secret to Compelling Event Marketing

Known for its oceanic views and relaxed west-coast attitude, Vancouver is one of Canada’s most diverse and beautiful cities.

It is also a city known for its friendliness and hospitality, and if you plan to exhibit and participate in any event marketing in Vancouver this summer, you’ll want to impress those friendly Vancouverites with your own level of enthusiasm and charm.

While managing your display booth and making sure everything is operating smoothly, you might find yourself preoccupied with event logistics rather than engaging with attendees on the floor. You may not have the time to effectively communicate with potential new customers or even existing ones.

photo of food marketing display exhibit with brand ambassadors posing

There is a lot to be mindful of when you exhibit at trade shows and industry events, and you put a lot of money and effort into designing the perfect display booth for your brand. At Reveal Marketing Group (rmg), our professional staff of brand ambassadors controls the trade show and industry event sales floor with excellent customer service and engaging personalities.

Our naturally charismatic brand ambassadors converse with event attendees face-to-face and via live demonstrations, or even through guerrilla marketing tactics and experiential activations. Our goal is to connect attendees with your brand, and we believe that brand ambassadors contribute a unique level of emotional relatability that can’t be duplicated any other way.

Consider the following reasons why we believe you should staff your event with trustworthy and reliable rmg brand ambassadors.

First, let’s define what “brand ambassador” actually means.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

Brand ambassadors are simply people who talk about and represent your company in a positive manner, preferably in front of potential customers (such as a trade show or industry event).

Brand ambassadors embody the brand they are endorsing. They provide credible, trustworthy promotion and visibility to a brand, and are essential event marketers.

At rmg, our brand ambassadors are:

  • Team leaders
  • DJs
  • Emcees
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Production assistants
  • Food & beverage staff
  • Project managers
  • Technical support staff
  • And much more

They Humanize Your Brand

People like to buy from other people. Organizations typically brand themselves through logos and symbols, but with brand ambassadors, you have the opportunity to do much more.

Brand ambassadors connect emotionally with event attendees by communicating face-to-face, espousing the very brand values you promise to deliver to your customers. It is in their very personalities to want to solve problems, share information, and to help others.

Our brand ambassadors immerse themselves in your brand long before your event, in order to gain true understanding of your values, products, and services. We sit down with you to learn about your history, unique value proposition, and everything in between.

We assign our team members various positions based on their training and expertise, and when it’s time for the event to start, our brand ambassadors can passionately speak to your brand with confidence.

A recent study concluded that 92% of consumers want ads to feel more like stories. At rmg, we are committed to telling your brand’s story through compelling display visuals and engaging interaction. What better way to do this than with a team of brand ambassadors – real people who truly believe in what you stand for?

There is Greater Demand for Product Knowledge & Customer Service than Ever Before

Today, it’s not enough to dazzle attendees with sheets of marketing collateral or a business card with your business’s logo and key message. Employees need to truly understand what their brand represents and what it stands for because people expect the highest quality of customer service.

With the saturation of social media and the immediacy of the internet, where people have instant access to reviews and information about products at any time, people want to sample, experience, and engage with products and services before making the commitment to purchase.

Brand ambassadors specialize in connecting with customers on the ground by creating fun, memorable experiences. rmg integrates experiential marketing into our event marketing campaigns, because it focuses more on providing outstanding customer services and engaging attendees with your brand directly.

picture of servers at food marketing trade show

Consider how this British marketing company and team of brand ambassadors created a fun, innovative experience out of a product that not many would associate with a good time — toothpaste.

Sensodyne: The Great Sensitivity Test

A few years ago in London, the team was challenged with marketing Sensodyne’s newest product, Sensodyne Complete Protection, meant for people with sensitive teeth.

The team set up in an outdoor London location and created three different “zones” within it to capture the attention of London pedestrians: “The Sensitivity Zone” — a 360-degree stand where people could receive a sensitivity dental check with ten different dentists, and a chance to win prizes with a buzzer game. There was also “The Giant Molar” — standing four metres high, the shiny white molar set against the iconic Tower Bridge was a perfect photo opportunity experience. Finally there was “An Official Guinness World Records attempt for the World’s Largest Oral Hygiene Lesson” — a professional dentist guided a crowd of 232 individuals through a real dental hygiene lesson in an attempt to break a world record.

Brand ambassadors facilitated the entire event, and the exciting day resulted in 150 media mentions and 6480 products distributed, and 230 people had their photo taken with the Giant Molar.

The event was successful because of the participatory, engaging activities the marketing team provided, and how the entire campaign was reliant on developing trust between the brand ambassadors and the audience.

If you’re thinking of exhibiting at the Vancouver Comicon or any of the vibrant music festivals the city hosts this summer, strengthen your display booth with experiential tactics similar to the Sensodyne campaign.

At an event such as Comic Con that offers such diverse themes and subject matter, your brand ambassadors could deliver some extremely creative experiences to unsuspecting attendees!

Brand ambassadors are excellent salespeople, and their main objective is to qualify leads in order to turn them over to you to finalize the deal. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you dominate your competition this summer.

Experience and natural charisma are exemplified as our staff engages with your prospects, generating genuine excitement for your brand. Before you strategize an upcoming marketing campaign, please read our customer marketing testimonials to see how rmg will heighten your brand’s presence at any event!

― June 24, 2019



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