Brand Ambassadors Directly Affect Bottom Line in Event Marketing

We live in a world where marketing currency is now measured in experience. With increased numbers of online companies and interactive social media platforms, brands have had to step up and pull out all the stops to ensure potential prospects have a memorable experience. Fortunately, there’s one age old form of marketing that when leveraged properly can be an invaluable opportunity to get in front of your audience – tradeshows and events. What matters most is what you do with this opportunity.

This face to face form of marketing is great for many reasons: it’s convenient for the consumer and it allows businesses who may not have the biggest advertising budget to compete on equal footing. Trade Shows have become a mecca worldwide for companies looking to advertise their services to a specific audience related to their respective industry. When competing with numerous other booths, all vying for a prospect’s attention, a good brand ambassador makes all the difference. If you are new to the concept of brand ambassadors, here’s that down and dirty skinny on what to expect.

Brand Ambassador
What is a Brand Ambassador?

That’s the big question. Although, exemplified in varying roles – at the end of the day, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A brand ambassador’s job is to completely embody the company or brand; effectively conveying its tone and culture when talking to potential clients and customers in the event space or virtually anywhere a company has a physical presence. They are specifically trained to generate excitement, offer insight and ensure a positive brand experience. Given they are often the one making initial contact with future clients, it’s crucial they leave a positive impression.

Why are Brand Ambassadors Important?

The power of brand ambassadors lies in the fact that they humanize the product and brand. As alluded to earlier, this allows customers to develop an emotional connection to the brand.

Hiring goal-oriented BAs (as they are affectionately called) is critical to the success of any event marketing program. When procuring a BA team, it’s important that a company consider their event objectives. For example, if the goal is to get a new food product into the mouths of as many consumers as possible, a friendly, outgoing BA with Food Service certification would be appropriate. However, if direct sales in the event space is the main objective, a BA with sales and closing experience would be key in securing the best possible outcome. BAs can be anyone from a promotional model, a language specialist, a food specialist, an entertainer, a greeter, a contest promoter a sales specialist and more.

Having the right team has a huge impact on the event’s success. This being the case, it’s vital that the proper individuals are chosen as ambassadors. Of course, no matter their specific role or specialty, they should be conversational, friendly, approachable, and embody the brand’s ethos in both their speech and overall demeanor. Finally, it’s important they are relatable to the event’s target market.

Brand Ambassadors
What Makes a Good Brand Ambassador?

They need to be engaging and appealing to the audience in question. Brand ambassadors should also be professional, reliable individuals. Although, your gig may be short term, BAs need to represent the brand as though they have a long term vested interest in its success. This mean having a rigorous vetting and training program in place to ensure BAs are set up for success.

Engaging total strangers for what is often long days is not something that comes naturally to most people. Qualified BAs have a way of adapting their approach to a multitude of audiences, while maintaining their stamina and working as a team player. Getting people to stop and give you their undivided attention is no easy feat – but worth its weight in gold. In today’s competitive landscape, a captive audience is hard to find, which is why finding the right team members to capitalize on that opportunity is essential. That’s why a skilled brand ambassador is such a valuable tool to have in your marketing arsenal.

Make Sure You Have the Right Team on the Ground

We’ve all been there – walking a tradeshow and spotting that bored Sales Rep sitting in the booth, texting, enjoying a coffee or catching up with a colleague. Trade shows and event spaces are expensive endeavors and present a rare face-to-face opportunity to provide either a positive or negative impression on your audience. Having the right team benefits not only the event team, but the entire company. It creates opportunities and impressions that last well past the event itself. Be smart, be strategic, make a skilled team of brand ambassadors an integral part of your marketing efforts. You won’t regret it.

― February 8, 2018



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