Brand Ambassadors: Why Creating Emotional Connections with Your Audience is So Important

Festival season is quickly approaching, and you and your team are in the middle of organizing unique marketing plans for your upcoming summer events. You’re not the only one with this in mind, so how do you ensure your booth stands out at events and trade shows in order to generate sales and brand loyalty?

Your brand’s personality is what allows you to make personal connections with your audience. When people know what your brand’s values, goals, and beliefs are, they are much more likely to trust what you have to say as an organization.

However, it can be difficult to effectively convey brand personality traits to the public without actual human interaction. Luckily, trade shows and industry events allow you to highlight your brand’s personality to event attendees, because you have the opportunity to speak with them directly.

At rmg, we pay close attention to what your brand stands for, and we make every effort to illustrate your brand’s personality authentically when we strategize your event marketing plan. We bring your brand to life with our professional staff of brand ambassadors, who bring a personable approach to how they engage with event attendees.

Brand ambassadors are enthusiastic, outgoing professionals who have a solid understanding of your brand and its values. They can effectively communicate to anyone what your brand is all about with ease and authority.

Brand ambassadors are your brand’s biggest advocates, and they amplify your brand’s personality at events and trade shows because they communicate with attendees face-to-face.

Most importantly, our staff brings a fresh approach — brand ambassadors create an emotional connection with your audience that other traditional marketing tools simply cannot, and this unique emotional connection with customers increases your overall bottom line.

To understand how brand ambassadors enhance your bottom line by emotionally connecting with event attendees, consider the following reasons why we believe they are your strongest asset at any event.

Brand Ambassadors Personalize Your Brand

Our brand ambassador team at Reveal Marketing Group is comprised of highly trained and experienced marketing professionals. We hire individuals who are not only charismatic salespeople, but also considerate and empathetic to your needs and your audience’s.

Consider our team of event marketing brand ambassadors (people who have actually tried your product and want to promote it to the world) as a bridge between your company and potential leads and event attendees. They are able to personalize your brand in a way far superior to traditional marketing tactics because they provide a human, tangible element that is easier for attendees to relate to and trust.

According to recent research, 52 percent of consumers say they are likely to switch brands if a brand does not make an effort to personalize communications, and 65 percent say that personalization influences their loyalty to a brand.

Our brand ambassadors draw attention to your event exhibit booth by creating an intimate and interactive experience where attendees feel welcomed and intrigued. Instead of bombarding attendees with hard information about your brand, we ask them questions about their lives and what their needs are.

We show attendees how your products and services can benefit them with live demonstrations, one-on-one interaction, and question-based conversations. Our team develops strong relationships with attendees by investing in them emotionally — helping to turn them into qualified leads and sales.

Brand ambassadors are:

  • Project managers
  • Event managers
  • DJs
  • Emcees
  • Product samples
  • Photographers
  • Production assistants
  • Models
  • Social media planners
  • And more

Before any event or trade show, rmg’s brand ambassadors conduct a comprehensive research about your brand as well as the event itself, in order to plan your marketing strategy accordingly.

To find out more about how rmg’s brand ambassadors can help you personalize your brand, be sure to check out this case study which outlines a recent success story of ours.

Brand Ambassadors are Your Biggest Promoters

Promoting your brand at an industry event or trade show is easy when you have a trained group of marketing professionals on staff.

Our priority is to convey your brand’s personality and to tell your story as sincerely as possible when we promote your brand, so you can make an impact at any event you attend.

Experiential Marketing Makes a Difference

Our brand ambassadors integrate experiential marketing methods into event strategies in order to create an emotional connection to attendees.

Experiences where attendees can touch your products, or immerse themselves in your brand with a fun photo booth or interactive game, sparks a connection in your audience that is memorable and unique.

If you consider that 48% of people say that they are more likely to buy a product if they can try it first, providing samples and experiencing your product or services at events is a must. These tactics are a great way to attract attendees to your booth, and to promote what your brand is all about.

Including experiential marketing in your exhibit will definitely trigger buzz at your event, and inevitably these tactics will draw more attendees to your booth and positively promote your brand.

Social Media

Before the rise of social media, consumers were complacent with one-directional communication from brands. However, today’s world is much different because consumers are able to voice their opinions on social media platforms in a public forum.

The conversation that takes place about your brand over social media is, in itself, the voice of your brand. Traditional advertising doesn’t have the agency it once had, because now, power is given online to influential brand ambassadors who discuss and promote brands freely among one another.

At your event, our brand ambassadors promote your brand’s exhibit booth through connected and well-researched industry social networks.

Utilizing platforms from Instagram to Twitter to LinkedIn, our brand ambassadors discuss digital and social strategies with our rmg technology experts to create the perfect social marketing plan and calendar for your needs.

In order to connect emotionally with your audience, our brand ambassadors develop a social media strategy for your brand with customized and relevant content, with appropriate hashtags to capture the attention of attendees at your event.

As a reflection of your brand, your social media campaign will bring your story to life through proactive posts with eye-catching images, and interesting captions.

Our brand ambassadors are here to help you build concrete relationships with your target audience and beyond. We highlight the best qualities about your brand in our event marketing strategies to ensure you receive the best publicity and accumulate excellent sales, and we are excited to learn all about you.

Please get in touch with us today to learn more about how our brand ambassadors can help optimize your brand at your next industry event.

― May 5, 2019



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