Brand Ambassadors: Adding Some Personality to Your Industry Event

Picture this: you’ve just invested a lot of money and time into planning a beautiful exhibition at a tradeshow. You’ve made sure your brand is showcased in a professional and eye-catching manner, you’ve got all the right tools—even an LED screen with a reel of thoughtful and creative customer testimonials, and a sleek, white leather sofa for attendees to rest on while learning about your product or services. You’re feeling confident and ready to go, except you realize one very important ingredient is missing: attendees at your display booth.

For your next trade show or event, hire a brand ambassador in Toronto who will not only draw people to your display booth, but who will also help to turn attendees into leads. Brand ambassadors effectively personify your brand, and can provide an intimate and interactive element to any event. Your display booth will certainly never be empty.

So, what exactly is a brand ambassador? Click here to learn more about some of Toronto’s most enthusiastic, talented brand ambassadors who can help you at any tradeshow or industry event. Essentially, a brand ambassador is an enthusiastic, outgoing professional trained to have a solid understanding for your brand and its values, and who is able to effectively communicate what your brand is all about to anyone with ease and authority.

Brand staff can be:

  • DJs
  • Emcees
  • Models
  • Team leaders
  • Photographers
  • Food & beverage staff
  • Technical support staff
  • The list goes on

The power of your brand is strengthened through personification and recognition. Think about something like Ronald McDonald of McDonald’s – love him or hate him, he’s been the face of the beloved fast-food chain for decades. Of course, brand ambassadors are not fictional characters, but they do provide a type of selling attraction that is unlike any other because they convey the values of your company by humanizing your brand.

It is much easier for consumers to connect and identify with a real-life personality than a boilerplate statement of claims or benefits.

Personalizing your brand at a tradeshow or industry event is a smart way to really connect with consumers. The average person is not necessarily going to trust what you—the person behind the booth and the brand—has to say, but would be much more inclined to listen to someone with an outsider opinion, who really believes in what the brand does and what it stands for.


At rmg, we dig deep into your business and what it stands for to find the right brand ambassadors for you. Hiring brand ambassadors to work at your event will increase brand personification, and will generate more buzz for your brand at trade shows and events, and here are four reasons why.

Brand ambassadors are your biggest fans

The right experiential marketing company will provide brand ambassadors that are immersed in all things you, including what your brand’s values and ultimate objectives are. Some the benefits of hiring brand ambassadors are that they will know your brand from top to bottom, and will be more than ready to get out there and cheer you on.

The job of the brand ambassador is to interact with your target audience in order to draw them to your display booth, ultimately developing a relationship so that they can be passed over to you to seal the deal. Having brand ambassadors who are knowledgeable, professional, and authentic is key, and their personable approach will only help build reputable acclamation.

Brand ambassadors are skilled event managers

Brand ambassadors know how to work a room, and they also know how to manage one. Experienced in trade shows, festivals, and events of all kinds, they are deeply trained in how to stay focused and organized, how to communicate effectively with not just attendees but with each other, and how to bring outstanding leadership skills to any event.

Our brand ambassadors make sure that the time and effort you’ve put in planning your trade show display pays off, by engaging with and qualifying leads. Brand ambassadors promote your product and pique attendees’ interests by exploring your product’s unique advantages and features through demonstrations and one-on-one discussions, carefully listening to their needs and expectations.

Once a trusted relationship has been secured, our brand ambassador will pass the prospective customer over to you, to further secure leads or even make sales.

Since our confident and stellar brand ambassadors have already outlined what exactly your product or service does, you can cut right to the specifics.

Brand ambassadors always go above and beyond

Partnering with an experiential marketing company like rmg offers a great event experience because the brand ambassadors on our team are charismatic, magnetic, and outgoing individuals who love what they do. They are expert promoters, and are expertly trained in marketing and event coordination.

With the best team of ambassadors for your event, your tradeshow booth will be booming with activity. Brand ambassadors are goal-oriented and when you’re satisfied, they know they have succeeded.


At the 2019 CAA AutoShow, our team was given the challenge to educate and engage show delegates with key information about CAA that they may not be familiar with, along with promoting and selling memberships. The ultimate goal was to exceed the number of leads and memberships purchased from the previous year.

rmg’s brand ambassadors were responsible for talking with potential customers and giving valuable information to show attendees about benefits of the CAA program, surpassing expectations by surpassing our membership sales by 120% with a projected target of 466, when in fact we gained 558.

We also exceeded our target numbers for contest entries by 131%—we anticipated 6000 entries in our audience contest, but ended the Autoshow with 7868 entries.

Through various experiential marketing and promotion techniques, brand ambassadors personify your brand on a human, tangible level—creating bonds out of trust. This is how they help you turn these leads into real, tangible sales.

Brand ambassadors will strengthen your social presence

Apart from being marketing experts, brand ambassadors are very well versed in social media marketing as well. Since the top priority of your brand ambassador team is to get you and your company noticed, social media content is a valuable component to reaching target and potential markets. Your social reach will multiply, because by default, the more people Tweeting about your brand or uploading Instagram stories, the better it is for you.

When brand ambassadors are working at your events, there is a constant flow of social postings, customized hashtags created to generate buzz for your brand and tradeshow display, and the team works together to create the best content for your needs, ensuring larger social reach and a bigger target audience—which ultimately brings more people to your booth the day of the event and helps you follow up with leads afterward.

By partnering with rmg, your marketability will be enhanced at trade shows and other events in big ways, and you can give us a call anytime to talk about how you would like to optimize your brand representation. Face to face interaction between our professional brand ambassadors and event attendees personifies your brand, which cultivates customer loyalty and trust.

When you’re planning your next trade show display, instead of simply renting some furniture or posting up a few signs, why not hire real people with real skills to take your brand to where it needs to be?

― March 6, 2019



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