Our 5 Step Guide to Exhibiting Well at Any Event

One of the top benefits to the industry event in tradeshow marketing is the low-cost threshold of getting involved in the first place. Tradeshows and industry events are not limited to large companies, and anyone can participate from locally owned small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. One of the interesting elements of any tradeshow is its democratic nature — everyone has access to the same attendees. Of course, every company knows that to exhibit well, you need to engage with and impress those attendees in order to be successful.

With the right goals, the right exhibition booth design aesthetic, the right pre-event marketing tactics, the right brand ambassadors, and the right call to action, you can impress attendees and qualify them into leads, or even make sales on the spot the day of the event.

Even a relatively small or unknown business can generate vast numbers of sales and leads through the right industry event exhibit. It’s possible to achieve the same results for other marketing channels, course, but few are as easy to execute as trade shows and industry event exhibition can be — especially if you follow these 5 steps.

Make the Most of any Event Exhibition with These 5 Steps

1. Understand and Set Proper Goals

Figuring out your goals early in the event planning process allows the event marketing group you partner with to create your custom booth around those goals, maximizing the effectiveness of the entire campaign. If you’re looking to raise awareness, make sure your booth grabs the attention of attendees and pulls them into your space.

Whatever you decide, make sure your goals use the SMART model to maximize efficiency. Keep your goals

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Results-orientated
  • Time-bound

This will help you stay on track and keep your marketing team focused and results-driven.

2. Don’t Forget about Pre-Event Marketing

While the statistics vary by industry and individual shows, the trade show news network has reported that 81% of those who attend trade shows bring with them buying authority.

This means that when your business sets up a custom booth, you have the possibility of finding a new customer in four out of every five people that swing by. At first blush, it would look like the numbers are on your side. But another statistic you may not be aware of is the fact that approximately 70% of trade show attendees plan out a list of brands and booths that they choose to visit beforehand.

When trade show brands invest in pre-show marketing efforts, it has been proven to boost the results of your tradeshow efforts in big ways.

One of the simplest pre-event marketing tools is the tried-and-true email campaign. Email campaigns are fantastic because they are easy to execute and don’t cost much. They also allow you to track how much engagement your email is receiving by tracking click-through rates. Be sure to do a series of emails, leading right up to the event itself.

Another great strategy is to set up pre-event meetings. Attendees often come to trade shows for a specific reason, and they will usually have one or two goals in mind before they arrive. By setting up appointments with attendees in advance, you ensure that they will be making a stop at your booth as part of their itinerary.

Another great tactic is to target online influencers, who, once on board with your brand will do a great deal of your marketing work for you. Begin by identifying people that your customer base trusts. Usually these are people with a broad online presence, a big audience on their blog, with active and engaging social media channels.

Remember that influences have also endeared himself to their fans, and have earned their window for promoting brands, products, and choices. If your brand aligns with an influencer’s personality or worldview, it can be easy to get them to help your pre-event marketing efforts.

3. Invest in Eye-Catching Displays

Make the Most of any Event Exhibition with These 5 Steps

Any industry event marketing specialist will tell you that the right tradeshow displays can be the backbone of your exhibiting efforts, but you need to think big. Besides custom trade show booths, you’ll need to also wow your audience with digital signage, touch-screen displays, and photo walls to bring attendees in and keep them engaged.

Your exhibit should professionally represent your brand, not just by providing great visuals but also by clearly communicating your key brand messaging. With the right design, production, and digital technology, you’ll be able to dominate the space and generate leads. Explore our site to see what your display could look like and how our event staff can help you generate more traffic, engagement, leads — and ultimately sales.

4. Use Brand Ambassadors to their Fullest Potential

No amount of pre-event marketing can make up for giving the best presentation possible the day-of. When you work with an experiential marketer like Reveal Marketing Group, you have access to a whole host of brand ambassadors who bring experience and natural charisma to your event, generating genuine excitement for your brand, and the products or services you’re aiming to sell.

Our team approaches your exhibit with deep attention to detail and a unique perspective based on your brand vision. With clearly defined milestones and a well-defined plan, our staff will engage with event goers and qualify attendees into real leads.

Our event staff are comprised of:

  • emcees
  • samplers
  • production assistants
  • photographers & videographers
  • experience architects
  • food & beverage staffing
  • technical support staff
  • and many others

We also conduct in-depth training with our brand staff team prior to every event, which ensures that they can speak to your product and service offerings with intelligence and personality.

5. Rely on Calls-to-Action to Drive Engagement

Your efforts at any industry event or tradeshow should always be pushing attendees to complete a certain action, and connecting them to a call to action in your marketing material will help you increase on-site lead generation and sales.

Making sure that you give attendees something to do at the event that is directly tied to your brand (such as signing up for a free product trial or pushing them to visit a dedicated landing page) can be a fantastic way to keep your trade show attendees’ attention after the event has wrapped up.

A well-organized call-to-action can help attendees engage with your brand and motivate interactions that allow you to follow-up later and qualify leads into sales.

Keeping up with custom trade show design work along with travel arrangements and logistics, pre-show marketing can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. But in order to make a real splash at your next trade show, you need to make sure that you are driving qualified traffic to your booth.

Clear goals combined with pre-event efforts and a winning team of brand ambassadors pushing your business on the floor will take your next event to the next level.

― March 25, 2019



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