5 Effective Ways to Boost Sales with Custom Trade Show Booth Design

Digital media has opened many opportunities for business to grow online. Although social media and websites are vitally important, this does not mean that more traditional business fairs like trade shows are no longer effective; they are often among the most important events for the company. Hence, it’s crucial or companies to stand out at an industry trade show in order to compete in this marketplace. Here are five tips on how to improve custom trade show booth design to boost sales.

1. Reflect Your Brand Personality
This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when it comes to h trade show booth design. Visitors to the booth should immediately have an idea what the brand stands for, as well as the products and services that are offered. This allows the visitor to identify with the brand before they even have the opportunity to speak with the brand ambassadors hosting the space. Any company can create a booth which showcases brand personality through thoughtful design, and ensure that the display booth is reflective of the store locations.

2. Booth Design that Supports Your Trade Show Marketing Goals
Companies attend trade shows for a number of different reasons, which includes everything from sales and attracting new clients to launching a new product. It’s important for each company to be clear of the goals prior to the designing of the trade show booth. Figuring out the goals early in the planning process will allow the designer to create the booth around them, making the whole process more effective. For instance, in a promotional situation where the goal is to simply raise awareness about the brand or product, the booth will be made as attention grabbing as possible. This could be done with bright colours, lights, digital technology and even video.

3. Control Your Costs
A quality display booth is worth the initial investment when compared to a booth that looks poorly constructed. The difference is easy to spot and has an impact on the first impression that will be made by a number of visitors and trade show attendees. That being said, there’s no need to completely break the bank in order to achieve quality. Simply conduct the necessary research to figure out what is a reasonable price for the entire display booth. These are necessary investments but should not cut too much into the show budget by more than 10 per cent.

4. Don’t Forget to Include Inviting Flooring
The flooring of trade booths are an important component which often are overlooked. Flooring can make a space warmer and more inviting when used correctly. Having a material other than the concrete floor can immediately elevate the look and feel of the space. This is easy enough to achieve with a faux floor. Wooden and laminate planks are a classic look while a material like carpeting can be fun and effective when used properly. Flooring can also be beneficial to the booth staff since they have to stand for long periods of time, in which better flooring can ease their discomfort.

5. Engage Your Audience With an Eye-Catching Booth
As mentioned before, first-impressions are important. This is true in everything, but especially in trade shows where people walk by so many booths; so, it’s important to grab their attention. Creating an eye-catching booth will ensure that the company receives the attention and visits that it deserves. This can be done with dynamic and engaging designs, effective colour use, and motion videos. The best way to attract the attention of other attendees is to already have a line in front of the booth; people are curious creatures and will want to know what all the buzz is about. As well, it’s important to engage attendees and create positive experiences; doing so will also draw in more people to your booth.

Look Like a Million Dollars
Display booths are important for any company attending a trade show fair. They rank at the top along with an informed and approachable staff. A quality and engaging booth which reflects the brand personality is the best way to draw in new customers.

― August 10, 2018



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